[Stable Update] 2022-02-05 - Kernels, LibreOffice, KDE Gear, Nvidia, Calamares, VirtualBox, Pipewire, Mesa, Systemd

Should I resolve now this upgrade issue by uninstalling the Hedgewars or just wait couple of days when this issue is resolved on upstream? This is my first upgrade issue on Manjaro and im not sure what is the best approach to resolve the issue.

As I reported, by uninstalling Hedgewars, the update went fine.

trackpad not working after update

Bug in Kde plasma 5.23.5 (this is a regression). We can’t change the avatar picture :slightly_frowning_face:

Bug reported : See it and it. Will be fixed in Kde plasma 5.24. :slightly_frowning_face:

The Manjaro Team can find a way or a workaround to solve it until kde plasma 5.24 will be available in the Manjaro stable branch ?


@AlanP You can change the avatar pic from Manjaro Settings Manager without relying on KDE Setting.

@ishaanbhimwal: Thanks for your tip. :wink:

I will try to change the avatar through Manjaro Settings Manager. Under Kde settings it doesn’t work.

Until kde plasma 5.24 will be available in Manjaro, it seems there is a workaround, the solution is to downgrade the accountsservice version. The bug is available in the accountsservice 22.04.62-2 package. So, downgrade to the previous version will be good. Can the Manjaro team have a look on it ?

Note: Garudalinux distribution (based on Arch Linux) have the same problem. See it.

I am running 5.24 and this is not fixed because it is related to only accountservices package. It’s your choice if you want to downgrade or not. Also “not able to change my picture” isn’t such a big deal and the “manjaro team” can’t do anything. As stated here wait till 22.04.64 or newer hits arch repos.

No problem. You gave me a workaround to fix this problem. :wink:

Glad that Manjaro settings manager is here to ‘fix’ this bug. :slight_smile:

Can I change mine normally, or is that not your problem?

T+ = See you later

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I found a way on another machine by doing this:
pikaur -S pipewire-jack lib32-pipewire-jack

this way I didn’t have to de-install any software depending on it and it just replaced it. pikaur is a tool just like yay. probably works pacman as well


Sleep doesn’t work for me anymore. It’s just send me to screen lock and that’s all. How can I check it?

I was using the 5.14 kernel. 5.15 was installed according to MHWD but not showing in the grub options
5.10 was installed and showing in options but would just not boot - idle after entering my zfs encryption password.
this was resolved by removing 5.15 and re-installing it at the command command line

outstanding issue: my RTX3070 does not start - could it be that the optimus-manager package in AUR is marked as out of date?

have you removed kernel 5.14 EOL ?

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I made a post about it here.

The error’s been there since before this update. No replies on the post though - so I don’t have a solution for you.

Chances are your AX200 should work just fine & the error can be ignored.

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Hello! I am having some issues where my wifi continually disconnects and reconnects. From looking at the system journal, it looks like my device is roaming back and forth between two access points and failing to authenticate. This causes gaps in network connectivity. This was not an issue prior to the update. I have an Inspiron 5515 with an Intel AX200 wifi card. Interestingly, after some research, I disabled IPv6 on the wifi connection and the problem has dissipated although that has happened just from me toggling the wifi on and off.

02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (rev 1a)

I can upload a snippet of my journal if that will be useful.

OS: Manjaro 21.2.3
Kernel: x86_64 5.16.5-1-MANJARO
DE: Plasma 5.23.5

I also had Bluetooth issues, which were fixed a while ago. The problem was that my Headphones always disconnected and reconected randomly, with time gaps between 1 sec and 10mins, but it always happend. (Happend with pulseaudio and pipewire. I am using pipewire and in general I have a much better experience than with pulseaudio. Aptx works great for example).
I do have the Intel AX200 bluetooth device, so it seems to be related.

With the recent linux-firmware update (20220119), this issue sadly returned.
I downgraded linux-firmware to the version i used before (20211216), rebooted and it’s fixed again for now. Hopefully this will be resolved again, so I can install future linux-firmware updates.

Kernel: 5.16.5-1-MANJARO

yes I did, I should have mentionned it.

the issue is now resolved after:

  • removing optimus-manager
  • reinstalling the graphics driver (remove and auto install non-free)
  • rebooting
  • reinstalling optimus-manager (from AUR)

I can now use my external monitor again :wink: while keeping long battery life when away from a power socket

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