SHELL env var points to bash instead of zsh

I’m just forwarding this bug report:

Its not a bug …

… to say quickly - they did it on purpose, specifically in KDE version through Konsole profile, to avoid setting TTY to zsh, because it apparently caused problems.

But I still say …

Sorry, I don’t understand what setting $SHELL in e.g. .zshrc would break?

Its not about zshrc … its about system or login shell.
Such as can be seen through chsh for example.
Honestly I am not sure what setting $SHELL to bash in .zshrc would do … effectively disable zsh ?

The link doesn’t talk about the login shell. It talks about the $SHELL environment variable. You don’t need to change the login shell. The login shell is defined in /etc/passwd.

That’s not what I suggested either. I suggested to set SHELL to /bin/zsh in .zshrc or any other means.

Oh … I see … you mean to define the env var ‘cosmetically’ in zshrc on top of the current practice of ‘using’ zsh through profiles but leaving login shell alone.
I suppose it might be useful to do it that way assuming this method remains the default.

It might at least fix this compatibility issue.

In any case … I dont have any control over it (and I dont use zsh) … maybe one of the people who does will stop by.

Yes, because $SHELL is the only canonical way to figure out the preferred user shell, given that the system conforms to posix.

I dont know that the system as a whole does … given that zsh itself isnt posix-compliant.

But as I said above - I dont use zsh and this isnt my decision in any case.