Echo $SHELL command gives the wrong shell

I’m using a freshly installed Manjaro with all the latest updates. When running the command echo $SHELL, it returns /bin/bash. However, I’m pretty sure the shell I’m running is zsh and not bash. For instance, if I type some gibberish command it would say:

$ frenerivnreo 
zsh: command not found: frenerivnreo

So do I need to fix this?

See: SHELL env var points to bash instead of zsh

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Stupid question from my side, but isn’t the look and feel of a zsh shell so fundamentally different from BASH that there should be hardly a chance to mix them up?
What shell is getting identified by


I’m pretty sure you’re not. See Command-line shell - ArchWiki

There are no stupid questions.

See above :wink:

OK thanks, So the default system shell is still bash, but konsole will automatically launch zsh when started.

Yes. It’s a profile. You can edit it/make your own.

Yes, the shell behavior is what you would expect from zsh, with the colors and the tab completion etc…

Yochanan is there a reason you have been chopping up my comment into segments that are bar of any content?
I have suggested a different way to check for the shell, not just simply asked “What Shell”

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