Terminal: 1st: bash, 2nd: zsh

I have a small problem.
I have a terminal window opened.
The first tab opens bash and the second tab opens zsh.

How can I have bash on both ?

For some reason zsh was made default, and for some reason the way that was implemented was by konsole profiles (not actual login shell) … so I am going to guess its to do with that … make sure to select/use/apply/default a profile using bash.

Indeed, I just remove zsh and its denpends. work well for me

I swear its worth it if only to get rid of that nasty pkgfile dep that causes random issues.
(and is a largely useless hog even when it isnt making a show-stopping mess)

And anyways the whole concept is a bit … odd … to me.
If zsh is default … then apply it system-wide.
If it isnt good enough to be in use for TTY … then it shouldnt be default in the terminal emulator either.

It introduces problems if used as login-shell for Plasma from what I heard. Specifically some scripts are not being run or something like that.

Of course we can switch to zsh system-wide for new users and check if it works, I added Konsole profile as a some tradeoff.

:slight_smile: … short of that… I guess leave SHELL alone.

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