[root tip] [How To] Find the difference between Full and Minimal ISO

Use this as a topic to be referenced when the question is asked for 114th time.

The question pops up on a frequent base - especially around ISO release.

The differences is always with the packages provided for the desktop experience.

Usually this includes - but not limited to - the following

  • offline office installers (provided with the iso mhwd repo)
  • backup utility
  • print support
  • scanner support
  • media player(s)
  • extra fonts

There is only one file per ISO-profile and the packages are identified by tags indicating which version they go into. For those curios look at the file Packages-Desktop for the relevant profile

There is several tags but this topic, those of interest is

  • >basic only installed with minimal
  • >extra only installed with full

The following is a small bash script which will tell you which packages differentiate a full ISO from a minimal ISO.

Provide the EDITION as first argument e.g. kde, gnome or xfce to list the >extra packages as provided by the master branch of iso-profiles repo

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# @linux-aarhus - root.nix.dk
# License: GNU GPL <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>
# a valid x86_64 edition must be provided as first argument
# for valid editions see the iso-profiles repo url
# <https://gitlab.manjaro.org/profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles>
if [[ -z $1 ]]; then
    echo "Usage: $(basename "$0") EDITION"
    echo "The argument must be a valid iso-profile."
    echo "See: https://gitlab.manjaro.org/profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles"
    exit 1

# url to the iso-profiles repo

# use curl to fetch the file 
# - pipe the result through grep and extract lines starting with **>extra**
# - pipe through awk to only output the package name
# - pipe through sort to create a sorted list
curl -s "${URL}" | grep -E "^>extra" | awk -F' ' '{ print $2 }' | sort

Save the file as ~/.local/bin/pkg-full-diff.sh (you may need to create the folder beforehand)

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin

Make the file executable

chmod +x ~/.local/bin/pkg-full-diff.sh

Then run the script

pkg-full-diff.sh kde
Sample output
 $ pkg-full-diff.sh kde

Do note that while the package list may seem insignificant there will be dependencies e.g. the manjaro-printer providing printing support pulls basic print related packages as can be seen from the package information. Desktop specific packages must be installed separately.

 $ pamac info manjaro-printer
Name                  : manjaro-printer
Version               : 20220924-1
Description           : Manjaro meta package for complete printing support
URL                   : https://gitlab.manjaro.org/packages/extra/manjaro-printer
Licenses              : GPL
Repository            : extra
Installed Size        : 792 bytes
Groups                : --
Depends On            : cups-pdf gsfonts gutenprint foomatic-db foomatic-db-ppds
                        foomatic-db-gutenprint-ppds foomatic-db-nonfree foomatic-db-nonfree-ppds
Optional Dependencies : hplip: HP printer and scaner support and tools
                        print-manager: A KDE tool for managing print jobs and printers
                        simple-scan: Gtk3 scanning utility
                        skanlite: Image Scanning Application for KDE
                        splix: CUPS drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers
                        system-config-printer: A Gtk cups printer configuration tool and status applet
                        xsane: Gtk2 sane scanner frontend
Required By           : --
Optional For          : --
Provides              : --
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Mark Wagie <mark@manjaro.org>
Build Date            : lør 24 sep 2022 18:58:56 CEST
Install Date          : søn 27 aug 2023 14:25:51 CEST
Install Reason        : Explicitly installed
Validated By          : Signature
Backup files          : --


Another excellent contribution from a member who excels at contributing. :smile:


Sorry if I’m a complete noob but I replaced EDITION with gnome and also tried kde and got

pkg-full-diff.sh                                                 ✔ 
Usage: pkg-full-diff.sh kde
The argument must be a valid iso-profile.
See: https://gitlab.manjaro.org/profiles-and-settings/iso-profiles

Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t understand what the problem is.

As far as I can tell, if you want the Edition where someone made the decision as to what apps you want by default, you choose the Full Edition, otherwise you choose the Minimal Edition, and install your choice of apps.

Difficult to say and meme’s are useless irrelevant garbage - please remove it

Fixed. So how do I correctly syntax EDITION. I went into the gitlab but I can’t read the matrix just yet.


pkg-full-diff.sh kde

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Silly me. I didn’t get the E.g. right. Got another error in line 25 but copying the script and pasting it again solved the problem. Thank you so much for the support.

@tracyanne Not to get controversial but this wonderful scrip is pretty useful as you can see the changes between editions at a glance (what’s been dropped and added) plus in my case I chose Manjaro and Gnome as my daily driver and love it. Had to reformat due me screwing up with AUR but this time decided to go for the minimal install as the full edition had apps I never used HOWEVER thanks to that edition I was able to discover and use wonderful software that otherwise I would have completely missed.
Just recently I installed Debian for a good friend and found out Webapps is not included with Debian and that is a pretty useful app just to mention one example.

Thanks to all, cheers!

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Fair enough.

I only asked, because I always install the Minimal Edition, then make my own choices, as to what Apps I install, so I don’t see what the problem is. I guess I never will.