Manjaro 23.0 Uranos released

yes, right, my mistake…

The BTW edition is currently available on an air gap secured Server operating out of my mother’s basement.


I’m sorry to inform you I blew up you mother’s basement trying to kill one rat.


The release announcement can read at

Strange over 100 packages in xfce and only 23 less packages in KDE.
Do you know why there is a big difference?

Why don’t you try the script provided and see for yourself?

Because i have used a full install ISO already… and i only want to inform me now, before and when i have to install Manjaro in future.

Wait, I’ve seen news about this release and been checking updater since and I just don’t get the update. Hm. Why not?

Your mirrors might not be up to date? How do you check for updates?

sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyu

Via GUI ? I’m using the Worldwide “server”.

You’re probably already fully updated and therefore on this version.

As previously stated, as Manjaro is a rolling release, the ISOs are just snapshots.

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This announcement is about an ISO — a live image with an installer. ISOs are only snapshots, because Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution, and if you’ve kept your system up to date, then you will be on par with what’s on the ISO.

The ISO is only intended to allow for new installations without having to update too much after installing.

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I know that, it would just be nice to have a version number of Manjaro in the About page too so you know what you’re actually at. Currently there is just GNOME version and nothing else.

Open up a terminal window and launch either screenfetch or neofetch. :wink:


lsb_release -a


cat /etc/os-release
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manjaro-kde-23.0.1-230910-linux65.iso.torrent calamares installer wont start, no error appears, I can do anything else within the live environment except install it…

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Out of curiosity does the installer launch? I ask cause I just downloaded the Garuda 09022023 ISO and went to install and clicking the install button on the live desktop does nothing. I’m wondering if a Calamares issue.

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On the 23.0.1 ISOs no. Seems there is an issue with boost-libs.

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manjaro-xfce-23.0.1-minimal-230911-linux61.iso neither