Descriptions about Full vs Minimal images difference

Hello there!

As I’m not a Manjaro user, but I install sometimes to check the new version, I always have to search the difference between Full and Minimal. In this post
What is a difference between Full and Minimal installation? - #9 by Chrysostomus the differences are described in 2020 (!!!), but this is not in the Download page Manjaro Downloads.
I would like to recommend to make it easier for, in my opinion, everyone to put it in the Download page.

The difference between them is the >extra tag in the Packages-Desktop file for an iso profile

The question has been asked and the answer is to look into the iso-profile.

And over the years that content has changed very little - most dominantly is changes due to packages removed from the repo.

I puffed together a script to list the differences


When Manjaro releases new ISO images I usually download the package list files from the forum Release announcement: (21.0 kB) (18.6 kB)
and compare them in meld