Manjaro 23.0 Uranos released

I found that is disabled: should I enable it?

They are simply extra packages - you could install those using pacman or Pamac and get the same result.

Bash snippet to list the >extra packages - replace EDITION with e.g. gnome or xfce

echo $(curl "${URL}" | grep -E "^>extra")

One example is print support which is a meta package pulling everything print related

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manjaro-xfce-23.0-230903-linux65.iso.pkgs lists 1037 packages
manjaro-xfce-23.0-minimal-230903-linux65.iso.pkgs lists 927 packages
so approx 10% fewer packages on minimal ISO

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It’s not strictly necessary if you periodically refresh the files list yourself. :wink:

The new timer replaces the old pkgfile-update.timer.

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>extra timeshift

timeshit is there in the minimal if you select ext4 during installation

I puffed together a script to show the difference as they are provided by master branch of the iso-profiles repo.

Yes - that is because this package depends on timeshift


So rightfully that package should be tagged as >extra or the timeshift package should have the >extra tag removed.

@Yochanan could you please take a look when you have time?

to update to this latest version , do I download the ISO then flash with etcher and boot via usb?

yes, check at list the 512 checksum and boot from usb
clean the previous EFI bootmgr and install the the new


this is what im seeing right now on my laptop?

If your system is up to date your already on the newest version as your post is showing.

No, Manjaro is a rolling-release distribution, and so if you’re already running Manjaro and you’ve kept your system updated, then you’re already on the latest release.

If you’re not up to date yet… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Fy && sudo pacman -Syyu

The ISO is only a snapshot, so as to make it easier for people to install without needing to update packages straight away after installing.

Thanks for the help guys , sorry for the noob questions , mental health issues i find it hard sometimes to remember what i have learnt etc , cheers!


Well, the applications got updated but many things, seems to me, remains as you installed first time?
may I be wrong…

There shouldn’t be any difference if you kept your system updated, other than that you may have installed extra packages in the meantime. If you’ve kept the system up to date and have properly merged your .pacnew files, then there’s no point in reinstalling.

My system here was installed in April 2019, and I’ve never had to reinstall. That’s the whole idea behind a rolling-release distribution. :wink:


good to know that the system will keep itself updated to any future release

hmmm, I was having a years old install and the timers was the same as first installation…
When I install the 22.3.1 and the 23.0.1 the timers was changed
I usually merge the new .pacfile, and keep always updated (stable) the system

Well, it doesn’t do that by itself — not out of the box anyway, because that would be a bad idea, and for so many different reasons. You have to keep the system updated yourself.

There will be an indicator in your system tray whenever there are updates, and you should also subscribe to notifications for the Stable Updates category, because with the exception of urgent security patches and bug fixes, updates are bundled together, and they always come with a dedicated announcement thread, the first post of which details the changes, and the second post of which tells you about any potential problems and how to deal with them.

This sort of thing is commonly discussed on the Stable Updates threads. All the more reason why you should keep an eye on them. :wink:

Thanks brother will be keeping an eye on stable updates and announcements on forum
cheers from UK

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Indeed. :white_check_mark:

If Timeshift is included in the minimal ISO it’s going to be available no matter which file system you chose.