Pamac AUR support sucks

$ pamac list -m
Failed to query[]=visual-studio-code-bin&arg[]=wrk from AUR: Socket I/O timed out
visual-studio-code-bin 1.61.2-1 287.1 MB
wrk 4.1.0-4 109.5 kB

When use pamac to list or search pkgs, it will occur socket timed-out sometimes.

While Pamac has a function as AUR helper - AUR is unsupported on Manjaro.

Maybe it will be a good idea to strip-out third party from pamac if it is such a big issue, and let specialized update packages to do that. (aur, snap and flatpack also).

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Maybe manjaro should have a self-hosted AUR service which will cache arch AUR.


This is brought up every once in a while, even this week, generally by folks who do no understand any of these structures … and the answer is always no.
The AUR is not supported, and there are no intentions of somehow ‘mirroring’ it or otherwise.

The AUR is quite literally the Arch USER Repository - it is where ANYONE can create and post a PKGBUILD. It is FOR ARCH, and it is entirely 3rd party.
Interacting with it in any way is your own responsibility.


Than why to mislead pamac users with the

switch if

Why users who turned on the “AUR support” switch should wonder if it support or not?

So why not to name things as they are?
Supports? To name “AUR support”.
Supports partially? To name “AUR partial support”.
Not Supported? AUR functionality is absent.

Semantics is thus.
But … how about I put it another way … the AUR is the closest you will get to a reasonable equivalent of ‘download the exe from a website’ - but provided by users.
It is compatible with Manjaro (more so if you know what you are doing) … but it is still ‘outside the jurisdiction’ so-to-speak. Making package management tools more able to handle them for end-users is not a bad thing in my opinion, though that is a hotly debated topic.
Help my position in the argument by learning WHAT THE AUR IS and how to use it.


It is not supported, as in not officially supported. The Pamac description states exactly that.

Regarding the timeout issue, this is also relevant, as AUR helpers (including Pamac) are not officially supported by the AUR maintainers.

Agreed - as much as anti-manjaro spam will attempt to say otherwise … every single bit of software and documentation that touches it goes through leaps and bounds to point people to the upstream, makepkg, and the whole ‘unsupported’ mantra.
But hey - half the forum wouldnt exist if it werent for these persistently reoccurring queries.

In your own image we have:

Third Party
Community Maintained
Potention Risks and Problems
All AUR users Should be Familiar

And then a button you have to toggle …

Simply NO!

Oh, God! Probably I got it, please check it:

Pamac as single app/tool/instument supports interactions with AUR.
Manjaro team and Community are not supports any AUR-relataled issues, sometimes they could dive in it just as general interest of out-of-their-stuff issues, but it is out-of-Manjaro staff support: it is user, pamac developer, AUR package maintanter related issues.

Is that close to what we all are talking about?

If “yes” than consider do not cut “by the Manjaro team and Community” phrase after

and after not so clear enough


So support by (any app: pamac, yay, etc.) and by (Manjaro team and Community) are different things. That’s the point?

Community maintenance is synonymous to unofficial.

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Don’t mean to interject in the middle of an argument but can someone explain, from a technical perspective, why pamac occasionally fails to grab aur updates that are seen by yay and why loading development package updates on pamac is very, very slow (and also often misses some yay-visible devel updates)

EDIT: Started an independent thread for those interested.

I don’t have alot installed from the AUR but since the issues with search in Pamac I’ve been using pamac upgrade in the terminal and Google Chrome and and all the others have upgraded and are working just fine for me.

Any way to list only items I have installed or built from the AUR? I want to see if they can be replaced. Yesterday I had to do two sets of updates to grab everything that needed to be updated and I should have had to do that. It’s one thing to have to tell Pamac to search AUR instead of having it search AUR on each character typed, but another to have updates affected.

pamac list --foreign

Thanks looks like that does the same as pacman -Qqm. Some of what’s listed can’t be had any other way except for the AUR.

    ~  pamac list --foreign                                                                                                                                                                               ✔ 
angrysearch              1.0.2-1                AUR  1.1 MB
base-devel-meta          2021.08.07-1           AUR  
cpu-x                    4.2.0.r179.gadaba75-1  AUR  3.5 MB
dotnet-host-bin          5.0.11.sdk402-1        AUR  598.7 kB
emby-server-beta             AUR  112.4 MB
hide-client              0.9.1-4                AUR  7.2 MB
i-nex                    7.6.1-6                AUR  12.2 MB
komga                    0.128.2-1              AUR  129.0 MB
libcpuid                 0.5.1.r10.g7a580fd-1   AUR  184.5 kB
python-sgmllib           5.2.1-9                     31.1 kB
python2-lxml             4.6.3-2                AUR  4.7 MB
python3-threaded_servers 2021.9-1               AUR  414.9 kB
radarr-nightly            AUR  130.9 MB
renamemytvseries-qt-bin  2.1.6-1                AUR  8.7 MB
sonarr-develop            AUR  33.6 MB
vdhcoapp                 1.6.3-1                AUR  47.9 MB
youtube-dl-gui-git       1.7.0.r15.g9789d97-1   AUR  993.7 kB


Based on this issue I additionally removed AUR from global search in GUI. This might have created some weird regression.

So why that move?

  • Pamac is the most used AUR helper
  • Manjaro seems to be the biggest user of Pamac
  • As soon as you have AUR enabled, even just for fun, we did also search the AUR with every letter you typed
  • With the newer 10.2 release series we also added auto-suggestions to the AUR
  • This all resulted again into a DDOS, which brought the AUR down

Sadly we made 3rd party software “repositories” a first citizen in Manjaro and Pamac itself. Sure it is nice for the user to have a global search result on all major Software platforms at once. This is how we designed it. However, if a platform can’t handle our extra request rate we have to take action. Sometimes those can be more radical.

Requests within 6 hrs when AUR went down …

So either our user agent is totally blocked by the Arch Servers, which would mean Pamac for Manjaro won’t work with the AUR at all (other distros using Pamac, would still btw.) or we reduce the user experience in the graphical UI. You can still use Pamac as regular AUR helper in CLI mode, in which we didn’t change anything.

So follow this issue, be constructive and be sure that we work closely with AUR developers to get this sorted out.


Again? This week? Please tell when it was if it was during

$ pamac --version
Pamac  10.2.2-5


$ pacman -Qi libpamac | grep Ver
Version         : 11.1.3-1

Or that DDoS was before that versions?