New pamac 10.2.2-5 GUI - how your search entry "AUR" got lost

We are already discussing in a German forum how it can be that the search entry “AUR” has suddenly disappeared for some, albeit a few, users. I now believe that I have found out how this can be provoked.

  1. Activate the software mode after starting the Pamac GUI
  2. Click the back arrow in the top left to select further options. What you then choose and whether you choose anything at all does not matter.
    The selection fields on the left have disappeared and without changing the mode you do not seem to be able to get out of this section. What do most people do in such a case? Right! Close the program and try again afterwards.
  3. But because that doesn’t help, the next logical step now comes. The software mode is deactivated again after restarting pamac.
  4. Now the arrow that appears again at the top left has to be clicked twice - because when you click once the window only jerks - which suggests impending adversity.
  5. Now press the search and find out that there is no longer a tab for the AUR search and that there will unfortunately not be any in the future either. Is that also reproducible for you?
    What remains is to force a reset to the previous state using the Pamac GUI by reinstalling the Pamac CLI without uninstalling.

No, I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

Search for an AUR package. No results, as expected. Click AUR in the left panel. Results as expected.

Did I express myself so badly? The point is that after this action there is no longer any menu item in the Pamac GUI where you could search AUR.

You mean that? That’s a feature, not a bug. Don’t enable Software Mode if you want to search the AUR.

Because otherwise Pamac will dismantle itself. Is that a joke now?

Is reproducible for me,although I just need to close pamac to fix it.



Now that I actually see what the problem is, I can also reproduce it.

Create an issue and please make it clear and concise.

the what? I don’t have such arrow in my Pamac Manager if I tick Software Mode :thinking:

/edit: anyway since it’s been acknowledged, fine :+1:

Reproduced this as well on version 10.2.2-5 (in KDE).

People, here in Germany it is now 3 o’clock in the morning. I have to be at work in 4 hours. I would be happy to comment on this good discussion later …
And so long thanks to @youchanan and his competent handover to @XRaTiX. It’s very good teamwork. Praise to both of you.

No, just too many words. Maybe it’s because I’m tired. I know English probably isn’t your first language and I’m sure you did your best.

Either way, thanks for reporting and be sure to create an issue if someone hasn’t already by the time you’re off work tomorrow or whatever. Güten Nacht!