Official telegram Manjaro chat

Any chat users will have annoucements/tweets/videos redirected to the channel, reply’s and messages can also be setup, follow instructions here.


Thanks for the invite, but I need to enter my phone number to enter. Why choose for chat software that requires my phone number? Surely there are alternatives (matrix?).


Telegram because it’s secure, but not anonymous…

If you want to remain anonymous¹ to other TL2/3s, no worries: just don’t join the chat… :sob:
If you want to join the chat, but not be called by anyone, rest assured: we do not have access to your cell phone / GSM / Mobile / Handy / Téléphone portable / мобильный телефон / … but we do have access to your real name (if you enter it in Telegram) but seeing that it’s in your profile anyway…


Note 1: Mods have access to your email address anyway… :grin:

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I just don’t want to give my phone number away to some company (Telegram). Also because it seams entirally not necererry. But ok, then I just don’t join the chat. I assume I am not alone in this.


You can alter your telegram security settings to almost anything you want. No one can access your personal details or contact you if you don’t want them to

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@codesardine Hey i am now at the Team :slight_smile:

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Yes, but the first step is to give my telephone number to Telegram.

Unfortunately that is true and I fully understand if you don’t use telegram. Personally I prefer telegram over whataspp, hangouts or any of the orhers


Hi everyone,

I don’t mind joining telegram with my phone number, but I only have an old style Nokia ( not a smartphone).

Will this stop me signing up or do they just use SMS and a pin number to validate.

Anyone know?


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SMS with pin works…

@Fabby Thank you sir. :slight_smile:

p.s. What does the :100: signify ?

Ignore me, it probably means 100% at a guess.

Thanks again I shall join up to Telegram forthwith. :slight_smile:

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Up and running with Telegram using @djaywhite.
Thank you muchly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you join the channel mentioned at the top of this thread (cannot see any [at]dj there)


I can see the Manjaro channel in Telegram but ON TELEGRAM ITSELF I don’t know which @fabby you are ( probably because @fabby is not your telegram name).

I couldn’t see the channel last night it just popped up this morning.

Never used Telegram before and I’ve signed up to Mastadon as well so now I can be confused by multiple Chat things.

Onwards and Upwards I say. :arrow_up: :grinning:

Thanks again. :seedling:

You will see in the Manjaro group the member list. You will find Fabby very easily if need to.

That’s correct! For that you need my phone number and that’s not going to happen soon (maybe in the future, but not today and definitely not posting it here publicly!)

:phone: :grin:

@Fabby Ah. Ok, so it works a bit like whatsapp in that respect then. I thought it was more like a twitter clone or some such. My mistake. Anyway I can now see the Manjaro [en] channel.
Thanks for the explanation. :+1:

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That is not the right channel, manjaro channel is private and for members only.

Read the top of the post correctly.

So, I am obviously being a bit thick here.
I can see message on Telegram posted by you guys but don’t see a channel on the right hand side of the Telegram screen.
Tried looking for ManjaroTL2 but found nothing.
What have I got wrong.
Other than being a complete numpty. :slight_smile:

Click the link, allow xdg-open to open it in Telegram and click Join. Badda-bing, badda-boom. Capiche?

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