How to set up forum chat link for reply's and mentions via Telegram

Send a message to the @PostNotifyBot, you’ll receive a message back that looks like:
To get notifications for Discourse, enter the ‘Chat ID’ 1234567 in your user preferences

Visit your Discourse user preferences, and paste the number in the Telegram Notifications box
You should now receive notifications by telegram message!


Does this work? Is it still in use? I can’t seem to find @ManjaroForumNotifyBot.

Yes, it’s working for me at least. The user is @PostNotifyBot

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And you have to PM the bot…


I have sent a message to the bot but didn’t had any reply.

From Telegram?


Yes from telegram.

I didn’t received nothing back…

This plugin was removed on forum update most likely because it was incompatible, I don’t know if we are going to have it back in the future.

Thanks a lot for your reply!
So is there any way that I can join to Manjaro telegram chat?

There is a link at the very top of this post.

Thanks you very much

bumping this as it is working again, instructions on the very top.

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But here on the forum I don’t find this box to paste the ‘chat id’

Sorry I thought

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Under settings → preferences → profile at the very bottom.

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Thanks Vitor, it’s just that sometimes age leaves us like this without neurons :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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I had the same issue, the box is hidden and it toke me a while to find it.

@codesardine my case is that I didn’t use the default theme of the forum and in the “Dark” theme the box doesn’t appear

  • That is, it does not appear

  • The box to enter the ‘chat id’ appears

PS: Sorry for my terrible English

T+ = See you later

It should work on any theme, but if it does not you can always change theme to set it up and then go back, I can’t do much about not working in a specific theme as it is a discourse or plugin bug.

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It would be much more logical if it was in Preferences → Notifications.

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