What happened to the forum telegram bot?

What happened to the telegram forum notification bot? It stopped working recently, and appears to have disappeared from the forum preferences.

Gone with the wind, it seems…

Jokes apart, I was wondering the same. I like Manjaro, but the communication skills of the devs can be improved :wink:

What is the telegram notification bot?

Yes… this used to be the case, and I had it set up and working. Then one day, it just stopped working, and the option to add the chat ID in your user preferences vanished.

Probably went missing with a forum software update. Maybe the plugin was not compatible with the new Discourse?

@codesardine do you know?

Most likely it was disabled by the system during last update.

Will it ever return?

don’t know I will have to check what happened to it.

Is telegram-desktop-manjaro related in anyway?

I get the Security/Overlay git feed, and that’s where I saw it.

notifications are back online.