Official telegram Manjaro chat

Is invite only click the link. :+1:

Success. Thanks all. :upside_down_face:

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There is a unofficial public Matrix channel ( if that is of any use to you.

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After a experimentation phase Manjaro chat is now official and public.


Wait, so it means we won’t get announcements on the forums anymore?

No, it means that if you use Telegram you’ll be notified about announcements there as well :wink:

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It seems the Manjaro [EN] group has overshadowed the official channel (which doesn’t show up when I search for Manjaro.)

You can use the link on top of this post.

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Thats been long true because it is older.
Though very full of bad information and spam and such.
So not so much ‘overtaken’ as ‘better established’ (sadly), but it doesnt have to stay that way.

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Thanks, looking good.

I am fully human now… Been waiting a long time.

…joke about validating account…

This looks great. Thank you for making it a part of what manjaro offers!

When sharing links don’t forget to state is unofficial thanks.

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