[Unstable Update] May 2024 Edition

Sure, I don’t mind keeping an older kernel but the complete solution to the problem would still be useful.

No idea, but “hard reset” and to boot with the fallback-entry of any kernel sometimes saved my ass…


If using Unstable branch, always update using pacman in a terminal, and read what it throws at you during the process. In case of a doubt or an error act prior to reboot. Backup before you entered “y” and hit Enter. Don’t use funny filesystems, only ext4 could be considered stable. Avoid unnecessarily complicated Grub bootloader, use stub or systemd-boot. Keep several kernels installed just in case even if you don’t use them regularly.

The above is my “mantra” I’ve been following for several years to keep my system reliable and breakage-resistant. Being on Unstable branch is a risk by itself, I like to tinker with some stuff, but on the other hand, I need to keep the surface for potential breakage as low as I can.


After recent update of qtermwidget (1.4.0-2 → 2.0.0-1) octopi doesn’t start anymore.

octopi                                                             ✔
octopi: error while loading shared libraries: libqtermwidget5.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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Also had an octopi error related to “Aborting octopi as ‘octopi-sudo’ binary could not be found! [ “/usr/local/bin/qt-sudo” ]”. A symlink to /usr/bin/qt-sudo fixed that error.

The Octopi Qt6 version is now complete with fixes including a correct version. You may need to install it manually as the new version is 0.15.0+19+ga081ac2b-1. There was a “newer” broken 0.16dev.r19.ga081ac2b-1 version pushed erroneously earlier.

Remove that. No, creating symlinks in the system is never a “fix”.

Note that it now depends on qt-sudo and replaces the old notifier packages.


:information_source: ICU 75 rebuilds are live. If you have manjaro-settings-manager installed, remove it temporarily, update then wait for the fixed rebuild later.

EDIT: The rebuild is done with 0.5.7-22.


I have installed Manjaro-Settings-Manager 0.5.7-21, is 0.5.7-22 the rebuild? I didn’t do any update yet from yesterday.

Yes Settings manager and the Notifier have both been updated to 0.5.7-22 and now install with ICU 75

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@robin0800 Thanks!

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symlink removed and octopi works. my operational fix definition: getting an update-broken app to run. I’ll call it “work around” next time.

In the past, SDDM seemed to remember which session I started, either the X11 or Wayland session.

Now, it appears to just go straight to Wayland on a new start, regardless of the previous selection. Is there a workaround for this bug?

Edit: I’ve also got pamac crashing on me, when trying to do updates :confused:

If anything it should be the opposite as manjaro patched it to default to x11 (and then we had reports of people who had been using wayland being switched to x11 by default).

Interesting, I seem to lack that patch. Is it recent? Perhaps my mirror isnt updated yet?

Edit: I see in /etc/sddm.conf.d/ I have 00_manjaro_settings.conf and kde_settings.conf (and virtualkeyboard.conf). The manjaro file just sets the theme to breath, the kde file sets autologin to use the wayland session (Session=plasma).

i use X11 session (mostly), the recent update to plasma 6.0.5 made SDDM switch to wayland without me noticing, in the next loggin-in. no biggie, after logging out and loggin in with X11 session now SDDM defaults to X11 session.


I see spectre-meltdown-checker and manjaro-settings-manager-kcm being dropped from the repos :+1:

The former is barely maintained upstream and has been causing more confusion that usefulness. It’s just a script designed to be used in user space anyway.

The latter is not compatible with KDE Plasma 6, so users would have noticed the MSM KCM no longer appeared, anyway. We just forgot to drop it sooner along with the update.

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FYI, to plasma users. SDDM default session did reset to wayland again in the update from 6.0.5-0 → 6.0.5-1

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I’ll just share my opinion regarding Plasma 6.1 Beta and NVIDIA 555 drivers, if you are interested. I’ve been testing this for two days and everything works really well, even surprising for beta version. There are no more problems with games in the Wayland session. Some users complain about the problems when using 2 high frequencies monitor, but there is nothing critical and I think this will be corrected to the release of a stable driver 555. There is a small problem with the frameskips, but this is easily solved by the addition of nvreg_enablegpufirmware = 0 in parameters when loading.

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