Qtermwidget5 and qtermwidget are in conflict

performing an update I get the error message:
qtermwidget5 and qtermwidget are in conflict.
I assume I should remove one of the two. Which one?


qtermwidget5 seems not to be in the repos any more, so that’s probably the one to remove. Certainly only qtermwidget exists on my system.

I’d opt for the one that you have in favor of the new one.

I suggest reading the announcement thread - it looks like you are about to perform the kde plasma upgrade.

The 5 one has to go. That, and the fact that we see Plasma 5, and kernel 6.7 which is dead indicate you have not maintained the system properly or for longer time. I would definitely recommend some reading before you do anything.
As a bare minimum, from what we already see from your post before you even begin with the big update - clean orphans like the mentioned one, install kernel 6.6, remove plasma customisations, revert to default theme, look for pacnew files. And read the announcement for the last two stable update very carefully (the fat warnings about kernel 6.7 and updating throught tty)


qtermwidget5 is only used for Octopi: Octopi doesn't start after qtermwidget upgrade

so I can install qtermwidgets5 without problems for the system?
I’m on plasma6 wayland with octopi

I dropped that package again, as I ported Octopi to Qt6.