Need Skanlite app to detect wifi scanner device

I am using Canon Pixma Ts7450 series wifi capable scanner+printer device. Skanlite app doesn’t seem to recognize this scanner. Any suggestion how to make it work?

Hi @s8srahme,

Without more information, this is just a shot in the dark. But perhaps your Drivers for that aren’t installed. It sounds like it. There does seem to nee some kind of driver for that device in the AUR:

$ pamac search 7450
cnijfilter-ts7450series                                                                                                                                                                                                                         6.10-1  AUR
Canon IJ Printer Driver for Linux for Pixma 7450 series and other based on 6.10 version

So you could try and install it to see if it helps:

pamac build cnijfilter-ts7450series

Followed by a reboot to see if it worked. If not, reply and tell us. Also provide more information:

Hope you manage!

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Just note: If it does work and you continue using it, it’ll have to be rebuilt any- and every time there’s a change/update to your current, or you change to a different kernel.

Installing cnijfilter-ts7450series package helped to make the printing functionalities detected. but I have no luck with scanning capabilities. I tried Skanlite app, which doesn’t detect my scanner though.

It looks like the following should work for the scanner:

pamac build scangearmp2-sane-git


skanlite is available from the official repositories, though I am not sure that is what is needed here.

pamac install skanlite

Skanlite just looks like basic scanning software like gscan2pdf, vuescan, xsane, etc.

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scangearmp2 did the job. Thanks a lot.

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