My Manjaro using computers performance is for some reason just only for like 1/10 of how it should be running

For some reason, my computer randomly drops to only 1/10 of it’s performance and I don’t know what is causing it. Do you have any tips how could I solve it? (all of my drivers are up to date).
When I freshly installed Manjaro and tried to run Minecraft 1.8.9, it ran on around 350-400 FPS, but then for some reason (the only things I installed after were Steam and Brave browser), my performance dropped only on 30-40 FPS. Then, two days after, I started Minecraft and everything runned as it should again, but the next day, the game was running again on only 30 FPS and it is still after nearly a week. Does anybody has any tips how could I fix this problem? Thank you so much!

Hi @jozef_papricka, and welcome!

In order for us, or anyone for that matter, to be able to provide assistance, more information is necessary. To that end, please see:

Hope you manage!

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From my experience, Minecraft is not the best optimized game. That said, a FPS drop like that is very strange.

I suggest:

  • Check if your computer is plugged in AC while playing (in case of a laptop);
  • Install Optifine or similar, it will improve your fps;
  • Check if your system in not under heavy load. For example, if Timeshift is running at the same time;
  • Check if your CPU frequency is not being capped (affected by your governor);
  • Check if you GPU is being used.

This is a generic advice, for better advice more info is required, as @Mirdarthos said. Hope this helps.

Probably VSYNC/VRR is active? Did you notice any high GPU usage?