Mouse jumps back on scroll

For around 2 weeks my mouse behaves strangely on random occasions. I scroll down and many times it jumps up (scrolls up).

Dell G15 5510
Kernel: 6.1.11-1-MANJARO
Desktop: GNOME v: 43.2
Logitech K235 wireless keyboard + mouse

I checked on a windows machine and there I was not able to reproducate the problem, so I guess it is some driver issue.

Hi @rrd,

That is quite a new kernel, does it happen on other kernels? Because the drivers are baked into the kernel, so if it is a driveer, perhaps a different kernel would help.

I rebooted to 6.0.19 and 5.15.93 and my mouse behaves the same.

In that case, please provide the details as per

Hope you manage!

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I just switched to kernel 6.1.12-1 LTS (KDE) and I can confirm this weird behavior of random mouse jumps while scrolling. My mouse is Logitech Performance MX. The experience is just horrible and it just appeared, but until a few minutes back I never had this issue on kernels 5.x. Couldn’t find any helpful info out there, since people tend to point at mice hardware cleaning and what not, but I can assure you this has to be related to kernel 6.x + mouse driver somehow.

EDIT: Apparently, the following driver causes such issues: hid-logitech-hidpp.c and the last normally working driver was from linux 6.0.19. More info:

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For me it seems the problem is coming ang going. A few days ok, then a few days crazyness. Toucpad seems to work all the time.

Suffered a similar problem a while back, then I realised the battery was near kaput. New battery solved the problem.