Media keys on lenovo keyboard SK-8823 stopped working

Hello. Media keys on lenovo keyboard SK-8823 have stopped working. The keys had worked before the bug appearanced but now they are just invisible for apps like xev or KDE hotkeys configurator.
At the same time the media keys at Lenovo KU-1255 are still working.
I found a topic on bbs.archlinux about the same problem that hasn’t been resolved yet.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Media keys are visible for “showkey --scancodes” in a bare console.
Results of inxi and xinput see [here]# Result of xinput Virtual core pointer id=2 [mast -

Hi @GuardCat,

In order for us, or anyone for that matter, to be able to help you, more information is necessary. To that end, please see:


Hope you manage!

Ok, the problem is in libinput1.20.0-1. Downgrading to previous version resolved it. The bug was fixed so we need to wait or upgrade.

see bbs.arch topic

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