Manjaro KDE - Blank screen sometimes

Hello, I installed Manjaro KDE last week, sometimes when I boot the computer only the cursor appears so I have to reboot the computer

This problem started yesterday, when it happened for first time, not matter how many times rebooted the computer still blank screen with cursor, so I deleted kde config folders, reboot and started working normally again.

But now ocasionally still only appears a blank screen with the cursor, after a reboot works fine, I don’t know the cause

Everything it’s updated, using manjaro stable and kernel 5.18.3-1
Thanks for the help

Here are some guides to help you provide us information.

I’d also suggest checking your drives’ health.
S.M.A.R.T. - ArchWiki.

Ok, I will check that when this happens again, also when this happens I can’t execute sudo commands, nothing happens, not even asking the password

This is covered in the guides.