How to restore default style of windows buttons in Gnome-Shell

I played around a bit with KDE and eventually switched back to Gnome after one day :open_mouth: However, now I have the problem that the windows buttons (minimize, maximize, close) are messed up (graphic seems weird).

How can I restore them to the way they should be? I checked gnome-tweaks but there I already configured all I can.

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Window buttons are set by your icon theme in gnome-tweaks. If switching that to normal doesn’t help, you can reset all settings by deleting your dconf database under ~/.config/dconf

Thanks for the feedback. If preferable I would not want to delete all the config but only restore the buttons. I understand that this might me a setting in dconf but did not find anything there (yet) which particularly leads to my problem and it’s fix.

That means it created inside ~/.config/gtk-3.0/
the following:
assets/ - folder for the buttons to integrate with the Breeze theme
colors.css - to match the colors of the color-scheme used in KDE Plasma
window_decorations.css - to decorate the windows according to Breeze

This 3 need to be removed and keep just

Log out and back in once you remove the 3 above and all will be back to normal.


Thanks that worked.

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