Incorrect window buttons on client side decorations on GTK apps like Pamac

Since some time (a couple of weeks) I noticed a weird display problem on client side decoration on GTK apps like Pamac.

When I choose a GTK theme in Plasma’s settings, all looks correct:

When I relogg the session, buttons look and animation is slightly different:

At first I thought it has something to do with GTK theme, but no, no matter what theme I choose, even the default breeze, the issue persists.

So I checked auroare titlebar’s themes and the issue also persist on various ones. Finally, I installed breeze fork which works completely different and the look is not based on svg/svgz files, still the same… Well, not exactly the same but broken in similar way.

Let me show you what happens when I set GTK theme to Breath Dark and set aurorae to Breeze. At first, it looks correct, but with new session, this is what I see:

Breath, Breeze, those should be defaults and work well, but something is off.

I tried solution from this post:

Namely, in tty:

rm -f .cache/*.kcache
rm -f .cache/kwin/qmlcache/*
rm -f .cache/ksycoca5_*

No change.

I have no idea where those strange buttons are from and why the setting isn’t persistent but is lost during session restart?

Worth mentioning is, that Breeze aurorae theme seems to be completely broken and instead the usual buttons, I get this:

This bug appear when I installed Breeze fork from the AUR. Uninstalling it didn’t fix it, so I brought the theme back.

I think this is the issue, even if in the other post is related to GNOME.

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OK, so it looks like this is my old bug again. I deleted:


relogged session and it’s fixed! However, I assume that the previous time it was due to an update and only one time. If this error is coming back, this means there is some plasma issue that is not updating properly configs.

This issue is showing lately pretty often on Manjaro forum, so this has to be reported to kde bugzilla.

P.S. My breeze aurorae issue is not related and hasn’t been fixed as it has nothing to do with gtk configs, but that’s off-topic.

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It is, and to my surprise is still present, especially when we change themes, and some people reported it to GNOME developers :sweat_smile:
Of course was a misplaced issue to them

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OK, created a bug:

Now we’ll see if this be the first report or a duplicate. Either way, we will get to the bottom of this. In the meanwhile, I discovered another issue with packaging libraries, but this will be in a different topic.

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All clear. The bug was already reported and should be fixed in Plasma 5.20.5

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