How can i make my headphones be detected and used automatically?

i’ve tried searching for ways to make my headphones play when plugged in but so far nothing has worked. i even updated my OS and everything is up to date. yet i always have to manually switch it every time. is there a video tutorial on how to fix this problem?

Hi @choppednbopped, and welcome!

We need more information, as every system is different. Please see [HowTo] Provide System Information, [HowTo] post screenshots and links, and [HowTo] Increase your chances of solving your issue.

im not sure what exactly to provide. all i know is that i downloaded manjaro in december and installed it 2 days ago. i had everything updated.

Manjaro comes in many flavours. The desktop environment you are using would be useful settings will likely vary between the different environments.

Read the linked tutorial and you will know.

so far nothing has worked

If any changes were made to system, were they reverted when found to not work?

Do audio controls for switching to headphones show if the headphone port is (plugged-in) or (unplugged) correctly, or no visible jack detection status?

Are internal speakers muted when switching to headphones?

Please post more information about audio output sinks

pacmd list-sinks

when i plug them in i have to go to"configure audio devices" and then select “Headphones (unplugged)” for them to work. i haven’t done anything to changes to the system.

If audio controls show “Headphones (unplugged)” but headphones are plugged in and work when selected manually, PulseAudio will avoid connecting to a device that appears to be unavailable

There might be a kernel patch to correct jack detection for this specific audio codec

Please post more information about system

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