Help for people who want MPV to fill the screen while being maximized but not fullscreen with KDE (1920x1080)

Right click on the titlebar (while playing a video) > more actions > configure special application settings

It should open by default on "size & position". click on "size", "force", then set it to 1924,1052

If your screen is a different resolution, add 4 to the horizontal, and subtract 28 from the vertical

Isn't that resolution and those offsets specific to the size of your window borders and titlebar? I would think those would vary for each person.

The standard settings are 1920 x 1048 on MPV (1080p). The borders and titlebar take up 32 pixels

The reason I added 4 extra pixels for height and width are because a tiny portion of your desktop shows up on certain file types around the edges or corners if you set it exactly

Whatever resolution and settings your computer has, follow the first part and play with the numbers at the end to fix MPV so it has black bars on the side instead of your distracting desktop

The width will probably be the same, just adjust your height based on your settings

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