Gnome Seahorse (Passwords and Keys) does not see existing keyrings

Alright, I’m here again with this issue related to Gnome Keyring Keeps being reset

I updated my laptop yesterday, and today the keyring reset problem happened again, and when I opened seahorse, there was no keyring there, though there were many keyring files in ~/.local/share/keyrings/. Something is up and this is becoming very annoying.

I’ve since deleted the unnecessary keyring files, tried copying the old one (login.keyring) to the new one (Default_keyring.keyring), and it just gets ignored (it stops displaying). I’m not sure if there’s something “wrong” with my original keyring, but I haven’t been able to find a validation tool to see if there’s something “invalid” in it that’s the source of all of this.

~/.local/share/keyrings $ ls -ltra 
total 36
-rw-------  1 bruno bruno   207 Mar 13 17:30 user.keystore
-rw-------  1 bruno bruno 12483 Aug 24 21:09 login.keyring
-rw-r--r--  1 bruno bruno    15 Sep  5 06:29 default
-rw-------  1 bruno bruno  2894 Sep  5 06:32 Default_keyring.keyring
drwxr-xr-x 42 bruno bruno  4096 Sep  5 06:48 ..
drwx------  2 bruno bruno  4096 Sep  5 06:48 .

default shows Default_keyring, but even if I change it to login, nothing changes, as on the next logout/login, no keyring is displayed.

The only two interesting things in sudo journalctl are:

systemd[1460]: Started GNOME Keyring daemon.
gdm-password][1440]: gkr-pam: couldn't unlock the login keyring.

So the daemon starts properly, and it fails to unlock but I think that’s acceptable as I’ve seen in Gnome-keyring 42.0 and autologin (I login with a Yubico) and ERRO [gkr-pam: couldn't unlock the login keyring.] however, I have an empty password set for my keyring, so I’d think it maybe shouldn’t throw that error at all (unless something changed in seahorse or gnome-keyring) recently.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hi @brn,

Try this perhaps:

Or go through this:

…and maybe this helps, too:

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Thanks @Mirdarthos ! Unfortunately, I’ve been through the first and some more. No cake. The final one seems promising, and I’ll be able to test further in a few hours.

  1. There’s no “Show All” anywhere, and I’ve tried the other filters too:

  1. The troubleshooting assumes the keyring shows, which doesn’t for me, and I’ve tried creating a new one. It works until I try to fill it with my login.keyring data. Then it’s ignored. (I believe this might be an indicator something’s wrong with it, but it’s decrypted and I see no problem inside the file – again, if there’s a way to validate it or see what’s wrong, I’m happy to check and fix it, otherwise I’ll just not reboot my laptop until Friday, when I can spend some time debugging, starting from an empty file and seeing the entry with the problem, assuming that’s the culprit here, which I’m not sure it is)

  2. I’ll checkout Gnome-keyring not working - #8 by joekamprad - Gnome - EndeavourOS later today, though I haven’t changed anything recently there, maybe something changed in the auto-start process.

Will keep you posted!

Makes me think it’s some kind of permissions issue, that it can’t save, write the setting (to the database(file))

I also thought that initially, but looking at my ls -ltra above, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

[SOLUTION] In any case, I seem to have figured it out now! The culprit was, indeed, an invalid/malformed secret in the login.keyring file. Apparently MongoDB’s Compass had (or still has) a version which stored (or stores) the JSON secret with the prettified version (multiline) instead of a “minified”, single-line version, which broke the parsing/schema!

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again. What a soap opera! Thanks for helping again @Mirdarthos !

P.S.: If anyone’s curious on how I debugged this, it was good old trial-and-error. I copied my login.keyring file to test.keyring, and commented out everything (started all lines with # except the block with the keyring name), since that worked, I just kept going one by one until it failed to load. Then it was obvious what was causing it.


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