Gnome Keyring Keeps being reset

For the last week I’ve booted up my computer to an empty Gnome Keyring on 3 or 4 occasions (not always, but every time I updated something), which means I have to set it up and unlock a lot of PGP keys and login again to some apps, which is quite annoying and time consuming.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m not sure what might be causing it.

One thing to note is that my gnome keyring password is empty, so the data is stored unencrypted. I do that because my threat-model allows for it, it makes logging in to Gnome with my Yubico easier, my hard disk is fully encrypted, and I frequently shutdown my computer.

Thanks, any help is very appreciated!

As an update, this is now happening every time I login (which happens when I reboot or logout), even though I haven’t updated anything for the last couple of days.

Hi @brn,

Although I don’t use gnome, so have no experience, maybe this helps:

If you are prompted for a password after logging in and you find that your passwords are not saved, then you may need to create/set a default keyring. To do this using Seahorse (a.k.a. Passwords and Keys), see Create a new keyring and Change the default keyring in GNOME Help.


Hope it helps!

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THANK YOU @Mirdarthos ! How did I never thing of opening up Seahorse to see what’s up?! There were 5 "Default Keyring"s so at some point something went wrong, there.

Solution: I deleted the ones that had less keys, leaving only one (with a lot of keys), marked that one as the default, and that has solved my problem!

P.S. I want to send you $20 as a small token of appreciation. Please message me on how to do it (if you don’t want them, I can donate those to Manjaro under your name or some other institution).

Thank you. But please don’t send it to me. Rather donate it to Manjaro. (Under my name, if you insist.)


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Well, I put in your name for the contribution, but apparently it only assumed my name as I have an account. Well, let the records show here this contribution was made on your behalf: Financial contribution to manjaro (US) · Contribution #688856 - Open Collective !

And thanks again!

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