ERRO [gkr-pam: couldn't unlock the login keyring.]

Good afternoon Manjaro Linux community.

I recently did system updates and installed an event log analysis tool at startup.
I found the following error message…

gkr-pam: couldn’t unlock the login keyring.

Does anyone have any idea what this means and what can be done to fix this “error”?


Same error message here. No clue if it is relevant or how to fix it. Found this page:

that says to do:

systemctl --user mask gnome-keyring-daemon.service
systemctl --user mask gnome-keyring-daemon.socket

to fix the message. But gnome-keyring-daemon.service (and .socket) don’t seem to exist on my system. (I am running xfce, not gnome.) Do they on yours?

If you install systemdgenie - you will find it unnder the tab: User Units.
Maybe you have to select “Show inactive” and or “Show unloaded”.
Normally, the Gnome keyring is opened if you use “gdm” or “lightdm” for login.
But it is not opened for other login device managers.
Maybe the pam configuration can be tweaked.
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