Gnome 46 stops switching to new connected audio device

Hi everyone,
after updating to the latest Manjaro with Gnome 46, my Laptop stops switching to newly connected audio devices like my Bluetooth headphones or wired speakers. Additionally, if the device is disconnected, it always switches back to the internal speaker.

Before it switches to newly connected devices and after disconnection, it switches back to the device that was selected before. How can I get this behaviour back? I have no clue where I can start to search for a solution.

I do not have a solution to your issue; however, you can start by providing at least enough information for others to make an educated guess.

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Please post more information about audio sinks (outputs) from PulseAudio or PipeWire

pactl info; echo; pactl list sinks

Weird. Been using Gnome since ver 41 and that’s been the normal behavior with my Gnome. I used the dafault PulseAudio and tried PipeWire which was buggy when switching input sources…

[EDIT] :smile: I found my issue. I have the HDMI audio out and that audio switch is NOT automatic. When plugging headphones/audio out in a combo jack it should show the pop up

Screenshot from 2024-05-15 22-11-26

Asking which connector is plugged and audio should change to it. Disconnecting it returns the audio to the build in speakers.

[UPDATE] I think this issue is a brand new bug (perhaps Gnome 46). I just unplugged my laptop so it no longer had HDMI sound out. It should just change back to speakers however I just played a youtube video and had no sound. Changed volume and the OSD said it was HDMI out. The quick settings showed NO audio source available, only the volume slider. Checked Gnome settings and said no audio out available. I plugged headphones and now it shows correctly.

I will try to reproduce and take screenshots and logs.

Select Audio Device GUI in Gnome is only to configure devices plugged in to 3.5mm headset jack

Please open a new topic if you want to post logs and diagnostic data in text format
Screenshots are often not helpful

Will do. The title and the OP doesn’t quite match the bug I’m currently experiencing but might be related.