Four applications stopped working

On my system Clipgrab, Qpdfview, Simple Screen Recorder, and VLC suddenly quit working - when launched through the Whisker menu or by the opening of a file (Qpdfview and VLC) they do not run - nothing happens as gui. If I open the task manager and launch again one of them it appears (with its pid) in the list of processes, stays a few seconds, turns from green to red and then disappears. I haven’t found other installed applications affected for now (e.g. Blender, Gimp and Libreoffice are still working).
What could be the cause of that and how to have those applications to work again? Uninstall reinstall has not been useful.

Hi @ocsen ,

In order for us or anyone for that matter, to be able to provide assistance, more information is necessary. To that end, please see:

Also, what happens when you run the application from the terminal?

Hope you manage!

Have you checked the announcement thread? :point_down:

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Yes, when run from the terminal the error given is, for all apps, the same as that suggested by maycne:

Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.2) with this library (5.15.3)
Aborted (core dumped)

So it seems I have to run the following commands:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 
sudo pacman -S qt5
sudo pacman -Syyu

At the second command, which ones should I choose of the followings, in my Xfce system?

sudo pacman -S qt5
:: There are 41 members in group qt5:
:: Repository extra
   1) pyside2  2) qt5-3d  3) qt5-base  4) qt5-charts  5) qt5-connectivity
   6) qt5-datavis3d  7) qt5-declarative  8) qt5-doc  9) qt5-examples
   10) qt5-gamepad  11) qt5-graphicaleffects  12) qt5-imageformats
   13) qt5-location  14) qt5-lottie  15) qt5-multimedia  16) qt5-networkauth
   17) qt5-purchasing  18) qt5-quick3d  19) qt5-quickcontrols
   20) qt5-quickcontrols2  21) qt5-quicktimeline  22) qt5-remoteobjects
   23) qt5-script  24) qt5-scxml  25) qt5-sensors  26) qt5-serialbus
   27) qt5-serialport  28) qt5-speech  29) qt5-svg  30) qt5-tools
   31) qt5-translations  32) qt5-virtualkeyboard  33) qt5-wayland
   34) qt5-webchannel  35) qt5-webengine  36) qt5-webglplugin
   37) qt5-websockets  38) qt5-webview  39) qt5-x11extras  40) qt5-xmlpatterns
:: Repository community
   41) qt5-virtualkeyboard-bigscreen

Enter a selection (default=all):

I can’t find a clear indication in that thread

You could get lucky with number 3
If I didn’t know anything about what I need
(which I don’t - in this case)
and if I didn’t know what is indeed needed as a dependence/requirement
I’d try number 3
(which is the base qt library)
and if that was not good enough
I’d go with
default=all :wink:

If you had issued:

you’d probably have been fine

(full) names are relevant - partial names match many more things …

The last command will update everything, no need to specifically reinstall qt5.
Check again the suggested solution.

The solution was to rebuild qt5-styleplugins, as suggested in the announcement thread:

  • Check the mirror you use is up to date:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
  • If you use qt5-styleplugins (AUR), rebuild it:
pamac build qt5-styleplugins


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