Failed Load Kernel Modules

hello. i recently attempted to install nvidia drivers. when i tried to install them it said nvidia-intel-hybrid already installed and that i cant install nvidia drivers. so i uninstalled nvidia intel hybrid drivers and installed nvidia drivers. it said that it was successful. i restarted my pc but when it was booting into Manjaro it gave me this error: “[FAILED] Load Kernel Modules” and nothing else. when i tried to go into my BIOS to maybe boot off live cd it just gives me a black screen with an underscore. I probably messed up for doing my own thing and not following instructions online, but im wondering if theres a fix for this or if im going to have to send my laptop for repair. Ty

There have been reports in the past about problems accessing the bios, I found 2 (both acer machines):

Check for a BIOS update, when that machine is running again.

As to this problem, first boot into single user session without graphics:

  • press esc (repeatedly) on boot to access grub menu
  • press e to edit the current boot entry
  • edit the line starting with linux /boot/vmlinuz... and append a (literal) 3 to it (separated by a space)
  • press f10 to boot the adjusted entry

That should boot up the machine in single user mode, where you can undo your actions:

  • remove the non-fitting/-working graphics driver:
$ sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia
  • re-install the previously working one
$ sudo mhwd -i pci video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime
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Thank you! this worked. now how do i safely install nvidia drivers without breaking my system again?

video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime are nvidia drivers for a hybrid setup (intel processor with integrated graphics).

So im using integrated graphics for KDE but want to use my Nvidia graphics card for games. How would i set that up on my machine?

I believe what you’re looking for is the prime-run command. Although, I might be wrong as I only have a desktop, but you should test it. From the terminal, run:

prime-run <executeable_name>

For example:

prime-run glxgears

If that works you should just have to prefix every game you wish to use the nvidia GPU for with prime-run,

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