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Hi, I just installed Manjaro KDE 20.2 with Nvidia proprietary drivers. Once install was complete I was prompted to install updates in the software update manager which I did.
During these updates the 455 nvidia driver was removed as part of the update process. Why was this and why can I no longer install this driver using the auto proprietary driver update tool?

It was mentioned in the announcement for the Stable update of today… :arrow_down:

Full post here… :arrow_down:

Gaming with Nouveau drivers is alright?

I don’t know ─ I’m not a gamer. I suspect that nouveau would probably not be suitable for gaming, but Manjaro isn’t a distribution specifically aimed at gaming, and Nvidia has already been problematic in GNU/Linux for a long time now.

Personally, I avoid Nvidia like the plague nowadays. But then again, like I said, I’m not a gamer. :man_shrugging:

KDE has Steam pre-installed.

Yes, and? Many distributions offer Steam. And for those with AMD graphics or a more modern Nvidia GPU, gaming will be smooth.

So a 4 year old GTX 1050TI is classed as not modern?

Did you read the link I posted higher up (as part of the post I linked to)? It explains why the support for older drivers was dropped. In short: it is very hard if not impossible to get them to compile against recent kernels. :arrow_down:

See if this trick below can help you… :arrow_down:

See My switch to the 5.10 kernel with update 2020-12-30, how i did use that actually…
It just needed some fiddling, although i updated from before the latest update instead of a fresh install…

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Evidently a 2 year old NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 Max-Q 4GB GDDR5 is also now considered legacy? This is a crappy move.

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i hope there will be a solution to use nvidia-drivers soon. nouveau is no alternative, especially if you use prime combinations of nvidia-intel at laptops. i don’t blame the linux-community because this trouble is caused by nvidia in first.


According to nvidia Website your card is compatible with the 456 drivers

So it should be supported by the current nvidia drivers on manjaro as they are only at 455 atm

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But Manjaro does not use drivers meant for Windows 10

Yes but the GTX1650 is still supported in the 455 driver’s and will probably still be supported in the 456 when they drop

I went from being a newbie linux user who recently discovered the “Simplicity” of Manjaro, enjoyed a few weeks of carefree use then all of a sudden it became the opposite of simplicity. It’s been a total hassle the last few days. A 4 year old Graphics card still supported with the newest drivers by nvidia is now considered legacy by Manjaro. So I’m supposed to get a new card; change to AMD? Just so Manjaro is useable? I’m out.

No, it’s not. Manjaro doesn’t create the GNU/Linux Nvidia drivers. The drivers are published by Nvidia themselves and are proprietary. We can only offer what they are offering themselves.

Besides, had you bothered to look around on the forum, then you would have seen that @philm has provided instructions on how to get the drivers to work in Manjaro.

I will leave it to you as an exercise to look for @philm’s thread.


GTX1050 is certainly not considered legacy by Manjaro, don’t post trash please.

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