Color management

I have a logo image, which shows wrong colors on my manjaro desktop (xfce).
I include a test picture here. If the traffic light shows green, the color management is wrong.


What I done: after that experience I choose the sRGB profile in the settings. But with no effect.

How to make it right?

And another question: what is wrong with that pictures? How to change the picture, so that this effect does not appear?

Thank you in advance


are i’m right that you are looking for real icc-color-profiles. check the packet-manager for “icc”, you’ll find a lot of applications. furthermore it’s possible to download real icc-profiles from different photo-companies like fuji, kodak pp. that you can implement. also there is a short introduction here:

I had read that page - but now I add .color/icc/sRGB.icc and restart colord.service.
I wonder: it works!

Update: it work in Browser only, not on desktop with image viewer “viewinor”

Thank you, for your help!

i don’t know how works at xfce because i’m on plasma where you can adjust the colors systemwide via system-settings. but i can remember that i found a application to load color-icc profiles global in the packet manager a long time ago. maybe it’s helpful to see what applications are served there. otherwise check how to change systemsettings of color in xfce.