Can't install AMD or nvidia support, can't use discord either


I am having all sorts of trouble with a system I’m trying to run xmrig on. Basically I just need the support files in place for AMD (opencl) and Nvidia (CUDA) cards but I don’t use GPUs generally so I’m woefully underinformed.

For example, this link has a script to run:
linuxconfig . org/how-to-install-the-nvidia-drivers-on-manjaro-linux

but it fails. Do I need to follow those manual steps? That seems very gentoo-ish.

I did get openCL working but at literally 1% of the speed it should be, so I rebooted, and it stopped working again.

I’m on 21.2.5 if that helps, and I only have access via ssh.

On the discord channel I’m stuck in the #Welcome channel and I can see all the other people but I can’t see any other channels even after I waited the ten minutes…

Any help with any problem would be lovely!

I’m also not informed, but this seems to be some kind of miner for whatever and it uses/can use the GPU of graphics cards for that.

… do you have GPU’s and just don’t use them
or do you not even have any?

Are you able to join your own Discord?
In many of mine, you must have roles to be able to see anything else. That sounds like it’s specific to Discord.
Can you share screenshots?

If you just need to install graphics drivers, use MHWD.

As @Nachlese pointed out, a GPU driver will only help if you have that GPU.
What do you have?

Wow, everyone is being really supportive on a low effort post. Yes, it’s for mining. Generally I use linux for a bunch of stuff that just doesn’t include gaming or 3d modelling, so a “proper” GPU has always been overkill for me, so I never picked up those skills along the way. I also generally use arch but am moving to manjaro so stuff like mhwd is new.

mhwd fell over because the kernel was 513 and it couldn’t get the downloads it wanted. A reboot has fixed the nvidia problem.

As for discord, I’m used to the idea where you get held in #welcome until you click a particular emote on a post, which lets you in, but here there’s no such thing.
discord . com/channels/695195472796581919/695195472796581922
TBH i think it’s just the wrong discord server perhaps.

So now after some messing about and a reboot, nvidia is perfect.

AMD has two problems:

  1. Xmrig doesn’t detect the RX 5600 XT at all
  2. Xmrig runs at 1% of expected speed on the RX580 and RX480 cards that it can see

So now I’ll push to mhwd for AMD and see how that goes and I’ll report back on any progress. Thanks for being so helpful!

$ mhwd --pci -li

Installed PCI configs:


video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-prime 2021.12.18 false PCI
video-linux 2018.05.04 true PCI

mhwd --pci -l shows the correct hardware, so does lspci.

So now I’m off searching for opencl troubleshooting tools.

I removed all the other attempts and used mhwd to force a reinstall.

xmrig shows

OPENCL disabled (selected OpenCL platform NOT found)
CUDA disabled ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)


clpeak shows, in the 5600 section:
Build Log: fatal error: cannot open file ‘/usr/share/clc/gfx1010-amdgcn-mesa-mesa3d.bc’: No such file or directory

rebooting just in case there’s a module problem…

Well, that killed it, it never came back up after that reboot, no grub, no screen output at all, so I’ll just wipe and reinstall from scratch.

Thanks everyone for being so supportive, I know lots about mhwd now. If i have more trouble I’ll open a new thread with proper details.