Backgrounds for new Gnome edition release

We are gathering some new wallpapers for the upcoming gnome edition release. If you want your wallpaper included, you can

A) send a pull request here: GitHub - Ste74/Gnome-Artwork: Artworks repository for Gnome Desktop
B) Post it on this thread.

If your suggestion is already posted on the forum, you can also just post a link to it.

We are using a static wallpaper by default on this release, because we noticed that the dynamic wallpaper was using some 400Mb ram on gnome. But if you have dynamic wallpapers to contribute, that is nice too and we can include them as options.


Ouuu, fancy! :blush:

Ok, I don’t know if the wallpaper need to have the GNOME logo or not? Since they are already posted in another thread I just give the link. If you would like me to re post them here, just let me know.

And another one

Original file : 1920x1080

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No gnome logo is needed. Thank you for your contribution!

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