Audio randomly cutting out on Manjaro KDE

I’ve been using Manjaro KDE for around 6 months, and I suprising haven’t had an major issues until now. I updated my computer, and directly after updating my audio started random cutting out, with only a restart fixing it. I wish I could provide any more useful information but I have no idea what happened. All I know is that I updated, restarted, and then all of my audio stopped playing every few minutes.

Now it seems like whenever I play a video from firefox, pause the video, and wait a bit all audio will stop working and I need to restart

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There have been a lot of similar reports about audio problems after latest update. The issue affects ALSA audio for Intel Skylake (6th gen) to TigerLake (11th gen) systems with LTS kernels v5.10 and v5.15

Many users have confirmed that the best, simple solution for this is to install kernel v6.0 using either Manjaro Settings Manager GUI tool, or copy/paste this to terminal

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux60
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Thank you! this seemed to work!

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