Yet another Custom Actions Thunar question (but different this time)

I know there are a lot of guides for Thunar customs actions there, i did not find any answer, kind of.

I use Mousepad as text editor. If i want to make a custom action : “Edit file as root” in Thunar, it does not work by default, a simple mousepad admin:%f do nothing, because it does not support the admin protocol i guess.
In journalctl, i get :

mousepad[78166]: Invalid URI: admin:///file_name_i_want_to_edit

Now, to make it works using pkexec by putting pkexec mousepad%f in the command field of the custom action, i have to replace the package dbus (installed by default) with dbus-x11. I cannot install both of them due to conflict.
With dbus, i get the following message in journalctl

pkexec[78821]: Failed to initialize xfconf: Error spawning command line “dbus-launch --autolaunch=025ba084f4b944cbad1d7c16bfc7e8b2 --binary-syntax --close-stderr”: Child process exited with code 1

Then, with dbus-x11 custom actions with pkexec are working.

My question is the following : What are the consequences of replacing dbus by dbus-x11 ? Is there any reason to put dbus by default instead of dbus-x11 when installing a fresh Manjaro ?


I asked this three years ago, and yes dbus-x11 is fine and should be default in xfce. Isn’t it default with new installs? Just look in the pkg-list of actual .iso.

My last install was in february, and it was not the case. who replied to you 3 years ago ?

…to be fair, the actual xfce 21.0 has it by default.
dbus-glib 0.110-2
dbus-x11 1.12.20-1
The old iso 20.2.1 from january has also
dbus-glib 0.110-2
dbus-x11 1.12.20-1
…you must have installed an old .iso. This is all from pkgs.txt xfce isos.

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I don’t understand it, but you are right…

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