Why is Manjaro afraid of questions?

I read the forums and it looks like things changed since the old one broke. Some of this looks OK, because it is a new forum. Buit some threads are closed when people ask questions, why is this?

Here some people don’t like penguin (which looks weird anyway),

Here people can’t alert moderators to issues,

Here people don’t want to talk about credits for work,

All of these threads are closed . Why is this?

The penguin is being removed, Flagging is TL2 only and attributions are now being made, your post also has an answer and is now resolved.


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Thank you for answering. I wanted to reply but I could not so I start a new thread… hope is oK… :sweat:

I had a very long day, any more questions?

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hello, another question, sorry…

you say that flagging is TL2, what is TL2 and why is flagging only for that?

Trust level 2, if flagging is for low trust level we have everyone flagging everything like it happen on the other day.

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Ehhhm… then we seem to have a problem.
Am still listed as having only basic trust level, but i can flag.

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The reason i closed it, is because i had a very long day and need to sleep, leaving it open if you have any more questions.

Hello and welcome back,

Let me first address your topic title:
Why is Manjaro afraid of questions?

This is a similar question as: Why are you still beating your (_________)?
Is a loaded question with a false or questionable presupposition.

Manjaro is:

  • an operating system - an OS can’t answer questions, but respond to commands from the user
  • a Team of people that put together the OS
  • a Team of moderators that are focused on a clean forum
  • a couple of contributors that help in all their ways possible to the project and forum.
  • community driven project, that now has the Company (not a Corporation) as the legal entity behind it, same as for the forum.

So, from whom did you expect an answer exactly, and when that answer will suffice?

All the questions and issue got answered by one team member or another, and addressed with justifications. If was a debate, then would not be closed. So, what exactly are you looking for: answers or a platform for debate?

It seems that might be the case, most that get registered do not read this:
Terms of Service

A point in discussion here in this topic is this part:

That is not referring to only code from contributors, but also forum contributors (anyone registered), regardless the information/questions/technical support provided, it becomes a textual contribution to the forum. And Manjaro team/moderators/contributors can close a topic if the answers got provided.

If anyone requires more clarification on what that means, we are up for it to provide it, but any disingenuous control of the narative from users, with loaded question, trickster and sophistry


Indeed the title is actually an accusation.
I would like to ask to avoid such insinuation in future.
If you have particlar questions (preferrably technical) ask them.


OP only signed up a few hours ago but has been granted Trust Level: basic user (TL1)
and this appears to allow flagging posts

Basic badge on Manjaro Linux Forum
New user restrictions have been lifted; you’ve been granted all essential community abilities, such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links

If moderators are having a lot of posts flagged in error, flagging should be changed to Member (TL2) at some time in the future, but there are not enough TL2 members yet

While the content may be “creative commons” it is still plagiarism to present someone else’s work as your own

this also seems like a very loaded question, which is already answered in the Terms of Service

User contributions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

same as on the old forum

no mention of reciprocation from other Linux distributions/communities, but I would not expect past members of Manjaro community to post links back to https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/ on other distributions/communities for various reasons

I am happy if a good solution is shared to anyone that needs it. credit for a contribution is good to know that it was worth the effort, but making it compulsory does not seem like a good idea

Well, I’m TL1 and I can’t flag anything. I can’t even write a tutorial. I don’t have time to force myself going up, so I’ll just wait until TL2 comes, if ever…

EDIT: I also don’t know what the requisites are to up-level. Looking at the users’ stats, It certainly doesn’t seem to be the defaults.

Yeah, this Discourse instance works a bit differently from the previous one. But Vitor (mainly) is working on it.

BTW: I’m closing this. Because Manjaro Team has always - and history has proved it - allowed the forum to give negative feedback.