Transferring content from the archived forum with proper attribution

Please do not simply copy-paste articles from the old forum without proper attribution. While the content may be “creative commons” it is still plagiarism to present someone else’s work as your own.

Ideally the articles should be transferred to the correct ownership once copied over (assuming there is an equivalent “new” account).


Please point me to the [Heart-Of-A-Lion] and [AlManja] accounts on this new forum, and please explain why is safe to point to their username to the archived forum when they could ask to anonymize their old accounts?
Whatever i post here as techical information, i post as member of and for community, i don’t take any credit. This edgy jump to invoke plagiarism is equally abusive. Do you give credit to the one that invented words, or you are using them without giving credit?

If people are here for their personal gratification, i have no surprise things could have a twist.

There’s nothing “abusive” in pointing out plagiarism - assuming it’s unintentional plagiarism, of course.

If someone reacts negatively to having been “caught out”, on the other hand, then other people can judge the situation as they wish. :man_shrugging:


It depends on the ‘job’ posted.
If we write a series of commands, procedures, which everyone can find in the various wikis and docs, finding in Google in a short time, then there is no ownership. It is a open (and kind) collaboration with the community.

However, if it is a complicated procedure that it has severely tested the OP, perhaps for many many time, it should be up to the sensitivity and correctness of the new poster to quote the work of the original poster.
I think he deserved it.

If you stay in a community, there is no point in trying to look the best.
For that, it is always possible to open a personal blog and write what you want.

My two cents.

Plagiarism is a hard accusation where i come from, so being guilty of it is not a thing i would take upon me either way.

What exactly from who’s reaction was negative here? I didn’t steal anything to be “caught out” with my hands full under the table, and those that had the time to deal with it added the correct ownership of that information to the posts.

So, i can also asume that your intention was all nice and dandy for flagging the posts?
But you did not answered my question:

or this is not relevant for the righteous agenda you brought forth?

I don’t want to extend this pleasant conversation anymore. We can exchange :roll_eyes: forever, but is not my thing.
Have a great time into the new Manjaro forum!

It wasn’t obvious that the question was addressed to me as it seemed irrelevant to the request. Something like “Originally posted at $URL by $AUTHOR” would minimally suffice.

Indeed. Take care of your boxing ring. :wink:

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Want to join or something ?

This seems like a nice courtesy considering how much time some members put into the information on the old forums. My original and now a “remade for here topic” was at least noted as coming from me which I was happy to see.
Now though it is OK with me if it moves on with out me or someone does a better job at a totally new How to provide good informational type post.

Hey my first new post, wow.

Welcome back,

There was no lack of courtesy, but rather the unknown if:

  • those users will join here or not
  • do we use their name or not to point to the archived forum since some others contacted us to anonymize their old accounts
  • we could not contact them, so will they ask to anonymize their old accounts or not, as others did, and when they will do that
  • would the use of their name and the lack of their account here trigger or not someone else to join using those names

and time to do the proper editing with the proper approach, while there was already a demand for those topics.


Since this was never an actual issue, and everything can be solved properly with a bit of patience and time, this is no longer needed as a place to trow blames around. Any help is welcome, with the right attitude, and everyone will get their rightful attributes.