Why do we get an Ad for Softmaker?

Why do we get an Ad for Softmaker, with every upgrade

What do you mean?
“Softmaker” (softmaker office) does have a partnership with manjaro.
Which is why it was bundled with the ISOs and why manjaro was in a position to leverage that partnership for free licenses to users.
Beyond that … I guess you would have to explain what this ‘ad’ is, where and how it is displayed, etc.

(I havent seen any advert during or after upgrades)

Is this something that happens only in the pamac GUI? I ask because I never use that and I’ve never seen an ad for Softmaker or any other package when using pacman, pamac cli, or Octopi.

So this isn’t an Advertisement?

I just wondered.

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Something has to pay the bills you know. If they don’t sell my data and do it with popups in the os, I’m fine with 1 ad in the forum.


… this is the software that you are going to get when you install it - along with offers for benefits that you might want
or not

I will not even attempt to say that this is not an ad.
what is wrong with that?

Perhaps I didn’t see it because of ublock origin?
don’t know - no link

and it is actually a good program, not just a vehicle for placing ads :sunglasses:

The Manjaro Forum is one place I have not been using a Script or Ad blocker. It never occurred to me That I might need to to.

I guess it’s time to start.

Oh, you dont mean on the system … you mean phils posts about the updates.
… It seems pretty self explanatory what it is … for further information as to why … see my first post.
Might as well be a a banner ad on a blog post. :person_shrugging:


There arent any on Unstable announcements.
(or maybe just ones that arent posted by phil)

Why pointing? Until now I hadnt asked a question. I dont know what you want me to see.

no link, as I said
my ad blocker is at “factory” settings

I simply can’t see / go to where you where and saw this (for now).
And I’m not going to search for it.

… so: you complained about something, but didn’t tell others where you saw what you saw …

same here:
Why pointing? Until now I hadnt asked a question. I dont know what you want me to see.

It’s only a JPEG that @philm includes in the update announcement threads. As @Teo said, somebody’s got to pay the bills, and as @cscs said, the commercial branch of Manjaro — i.e. Manjaro GmbH — has partnered up with Softmaker. That’s why @philm includes the ads on the update threads.

There are however no ads in the operating system itself, nor are there any typical ad banners or popups anywhere on the forum. :wink:

Problem Solved. Ad blocked, no longer loads.

I saw it and ignored it FOR NOW. If we start slowly getting more ads then it’s bye bye Manjaro. To be honest I for one am not switching fro Libre Office.

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Too be honest, I see absolutely NO problem with the ad. There was one for Surfshark as well, at least one for Manjaro merch, and that’s only what I can quickly recall.

They aren’t intrusive and they help support and make the greatest OS possible, that we, that YOU don’t have to pay a single cent for. And they don’t violate your privacy, so I think it’s good.


Update announcements usually have one banner advert for a partner, or Manjaro merch store or a new ISO release

Oldest stable update announcement 2020-07-19 has an advert for Tuxedo computers
2nd oldest 2020-08-16: Release Candidate of Manjaro Mikah
3rd oldest: 2020-08-22: Beelink SFF system


Wait… Do… Are… What… I’m so confused…

Is this about a picture in a post on this forum??
I thought manjaro had started to ship ads in the os but I just somehow missed it.

If that picture is considered “not ok”, is my post about my script also “spam” then?

I also hate ads, but there is a limit to what I complain about, and this… seems more like a rant tbh.

Besides, you can support Manjaro by donating ensuring they have to rely less and less on these types of collaborations.


It is definitely a rant. Especially in the context of what other distributions do to get money (like…“special security updates”…that we have in the now windowed Zoo). And for something that is not even in the os itself. It’s in the forum that is free to use. There are distributions that charge for support for example.
And it is not even “in the forum” like a legit ad banner network, it is one picture of one partner in one topic…

As Bedna said - how about donating instead of complaining?


If this helps Manjaro to continue making this wonderful distro, I have no problems with it whatsoever.


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