Incompatible category description and suggestion

The About the Manjaro-Development category tells:

This section is for developers only, join in and get involved.

On another Where do I report bugs - #2 by codesardine thread:

Anyone can report bugs under the development section.

Please fix incompatibility.

In most cases a new linux user will not always be able to submit a bug report that can be used by the developer of that particular application, for lack of understanding or experience. Also, some users might consider as a bug an issue that is present only in their system for whatever reason. In order to avoid flooding the Development Category with content that might be more suited for technical support, we mostly encourage developers to get involved in that category, yet, anyone capable to properly identify a bug, to report it there by collecting and providing the proper information that is truly helpful for later investigation and fix by the developer.

Also, also - if you look at the category, is dedicated to the Manjaro specific tools like MSM, Calamares, Pamac, Layout Switcher, Developer Tools used by Manjaro, Community editions, MHWD, Manjaro Hello - so, you will not see there Gimp bug reports or Krita bug reports. Since some forum/community members do not have a gitlab account, they can report, in that category, the bugs they discover.

There is no incompatibility to fix.


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