When I updated AUR it failed to compile electron24 and an audio related AUR package

Updated system via pacman, all ok; but when I updated AUR and flatpaks it failed to compile electron24 and an audio related AUR package
(brightness-controller-git and opera did compile sucessfuly), flatpaks were updated.
When I rebooted the system even tho showing it was connected to the internet, I could not acess it with any program.
Rolled back with Timeshift, proceed to update via pacman again, then flatpaks but skipped AUR for now!

Thank God for Timeshift !!!

I just deleted “electron24” from AUR because there are no dependencies. It’s probably left over from the old packages. Maybe you have the same thing.

electron24 and lib32-faudio were the AUR packages that failed to compile,
brightness-controller-git and opera were compiled with sucess, I think it was electron24 failure to compile (something related to non existent landmines.py file I think)
that borked my system, do I really need them? I can just ignore them to update tho, it’s easy on pamac (I just use it to update AUR and flatpaks).

Only you can know that.

There was another thread here today with a very similar topic (electron 24).
If you need it, you can likely just use the binary version electron24-bin, which is also in the AUR, which would save you the compiling.

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I saw the other thread after you mentioned, thank you very much for the advice!
I will use the binary version if nedeed.

Only you will know. You’re the one who installed them, and they are AUR packages, which means that a stock Manjaro installation has no need for them.

Either way, electron24 has been broken for a while already, judging by the comments on its AUR page, while the maintainer doesn’t appear to be interested in fixing his PKGBUILD. So I’d remove it if I were you.

If you had not made any modifications to the configuration and kept everything as standard, then yes, you can remove it.

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But that’s the thing, the only AUR package that I installed was brightness-controller-git nothing else, even opera I had it from the manjaro repo and now appears from AUR.
Someone suggested me to install electron24-bin to substitute electron24 but what about lib32-faudio ?

Are you using any 32-bit software? If not, then you don’t need it.

Only in Wine, I don´t think I have anything else, thank you for your fast reply!
Does lib32-faudio have a bin version like electron24-bin ?

Ok, thank you very much for the advice Aragorn !!!
Thanks to Timeshift it was easy to revert the borked system and everything is working correctly now!

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