Welcome and introduce yourself - 2024

Hloo gyzz
I am Johnny from America (California)

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I’m Markus from Germany. I switched back to Manjaro recently because EndeavourOS was too bleading edge for me. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! I’m Claudio from Italy. I’ll sure need the help of the community in the future, because for me that’s what Linux is all about – learning cool stuff from cool people! See you around!


I’m Dana, I’m not sure why someone plugging a distro would show a home screen and say, “look at how nice this distro is!”, and it happens all the time. How would I know by looking at someone’s home screen graphic how good the distro is? Anyway, that aside, I have really simple needs, I’ll get by with my favorite editor, a web browser, and a copy of Libre Office, and after running Manjaro in a vm for a couple of months, I think it’s my favorite so far, for the simple reason that it’s just down to Earth linux with no real focus on the cute stuff, I’m running xfce btw, really well done, Manjaro team, I’m about to make the switch!

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Hi there!
I was introduced to Manjaro through my husband and Linux through a boot camp that I took. I am already humbled by my experiences using this OS and look forward to learning more! I’m super new, only two days in but have learned so much already.


Hi folks.

I’ve been using Linux distributions for about 20 years.
I’ve dabbled with Mint, OpenSuse, Slack, and some others.
This Manjaro Linux is by far the best for new users.

What I like most, is that it installed perfectly, and had all the restricted codecs (So i could watch
movies, and play music).

I am 58, and live in Massachusetts, USA.

PS - Now I just need to find out how to get sudo working.

This is not entirely accurate, but welcome, nonetheless. :slight_smile:


The first time it’s used, sure. But it’s soo customisable that that doesn’t last long. And if it doesn’t get regular maintenance, it can very quickly become unmanageable. Please see below:

sudo should be installed and working by default.


I know you can removed it is you want, it’s not strictly required, but i t is supposed to be installed and working by default; at least, mine was.


Hi All. I’m Colin and being using linux for a while and recently started using Manjaro.


Hi, I am Kane.
I am new to Manjaro, but not new to linux, as I have been using it for almost 2 years now.
I installed Manjaro the… untraditional way. (Or fully traditional if we consider archlinux)
What I mean is I installed it using the Basestrap method through the commandline. :sweat_smile:


Hi everyone and a big WooHoo, Manjaro here I come, So glad there is a nice alternative to Windows
Hope to make good use of this forum and maybe be able to give some advice in the future when I know what I’m talking about LOL…

Just for the record, GNU/Linux was never intended as an alternative to Microsoft Windows, which is a platform it has nothing in common with. Instead, GNU/Linux was conceived as a Free & Open Source alternative to proprietary UNIX, and UNIX itself was already an established industry-standard operating system architecture long before MS-DOS ever even existed, let alone MS-Windows. :wink:


Greetings everyone,
Im Peter and glad to here.
Respect to all working members! :star_struck:

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Also new to this forum.

Klakke is my username, I am a Fleming, am retired teacher and I am (almost 71 years young ).
Single (living with a son) and divorced.
I am not active on social media … have no need for it.

Since 2013 working on a ‘Linux-driven operating system’, mainly PCLinuxOS Mate, also Linux Mint Mate (to be able to help my children with their computers).

I am still figuring out how to install a program via terminal.
I already have a problem with Shutter – it won’t start after clicking.

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

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Woot! I’m the “New User of the Month”!

Do you need my address to send the trophy? How about my banking details to deposit the award?

No? OK, so just a free operating system and free tech support. What a rip-off.



Hi there :smiley: !!
*A decade+ windows user entered Manjaro last night :sweat_smile: *
after a loooot of distro hopping and many trial and errors with them, Manjaro stood out :ok_hand: .

Just wanted to say, “Thanks” to the amazing Manjaro team and the community for making such an awesome and user friendly system esp. based on Arch :relieved: !

In love with the app/package manager and the huge collection in it :face_with_monocle:

Cheers all!



Wahh! Hello everyone! I’m Aubrey, super new to the whole Linux thing. Just met this amazing window manager called i3 and I’m totally in love! Big thanks to Manjaro for making it so user-friendly for newbies like me. So excited to be here and learn more! (^ω^ )