Welcome and introduce yourself - 2024

Welcome to the Manjaro forum! :wave:

This is a place for new members to introduce themselves. Keep it short please.


hi I am Andy, salute to the Manjaro-Team, thanks for all your work,
around this outstanding OS !!
I am putting forward to have a good year, by being nice to eachother
in this community.
#long live Linux


Hallo Everyone!
Many thanks, @Wollie and team, for your support here, and a blessed and happy new year to all!

I am VERY new to Linux and Manjaro: am currently using Manjaro ARM on a Pinebook Pro laptop, and am struggling to find ‘plain English’ introductions to running such a beast. It is very hard right now to get my head around basic concepts and jargon. :-/

Looking forward to a steep learning curve, anyways!



Hi everyone,

I’ve used Manjaro in the past but come back for a few reasons, firstly I want to use a true opensource distribution with a healthy community, secondly I like the rolling release approach and thirdly I’m using KDE and hope to inherit KDE6 once it’s stable enough to be rolled out in a couple of months?

Hopefully I can contribute on this forum, I’m a Senior IT consultant by trade and Linux system administration is my bread and butter, although predominantly with RHEL, so I need to learn more about Arch :wink: , oh, and I’m a competent Python web developer.

Looking forward to being part of your community!!




I’m Trawg. I have installed the Manjaro XFCE (minimal) and I’m new to Arch Linux.


Всем привет! Начал изучение Linux с дистрибутива Manjaro Gnome. Пробовал Arch, но, видимо, до него еще не дорос. Мира всем! :v: :v: :v:


Hi all!

I’m Marc and I’ve been using GNU/Linux for more than 15 years. The last two I switched to Manjaro and I am delighted with it… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


Hello. I’ve been using Manjaro for about a year now. I was a Debian/Mint user for over 10 years and I am now a full convert to Manjaro. I keep learning new things and every time it makes the OS even easier to use.


Just a point of information.

Arch, and by inheritance Manjaro, is not opinionated about proprietary or open source code.
So long as it is legal to distribute and practical to do so then it may be in the repositories or even the ISOs.
Such as the nvidia drivers.
Completely free/open distros do exist, such a Parabola.

Welcome everybody. :slight_smile:

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Hi, this is Peter from Gensingen, Germany. I am new to Manjaro, but have used Ubuntu, especially UbuntuStudio and also Garuda for several years. Let’s go and a happy new Year!


Hello! I’m a new user, I’ve installed Manjaro and I’m seeing how it works.


Hello everyone! I recently installed Manjaro and I’m looking forward to learning it and moving away from Windows.
I previously used Ubuntu and Mint as an amateur and for study. I decided to pick Manjaro up because it is based on Arch but a bit more user friendly. I hope everything goes well. Hehe


Hello everyone.
I’m Frank and I’m relatively new to Manjaro.
As a long-time Windows user (since Win 3.11), I made the decision to switch completely to Linux last year. I can no longer bear the MS policy and the operating system has gotten worse and worse for years. I still have Windows on a second partition because I can’t do without Adobe for work.
I hope that at some point the Adobe programs will also run on Linux!


I am new to Manjaro. I selected Xfce. I have a PC initially installed with Windows, and upgraded to 11. In addition to that I have 2 drives for Linux, on which I have installed Linux Mint Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce.
I have a Dell laptop running Windows 10 and have installed LM Cinnamon on to a flash drive. I will reinstall that because the efi is on the computer rather than the flash drive.
I have a Mac which I do not alter.
Now I have a Lenovo laptop which a friend had finished with. It had Windows on it so I got rid of that and have just installed Manjaro Xfce.
When choosing a distro for this laptop I required a forum to help me with issues.
I use Linux just for fun.

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Hi!! i’m James
i’m new to all of this cool linux stuff!! and always wanted to try it
looking forward to use this in future projects!


My Monkey

Capital I for ‘I’m’ James!

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Hello everyone,
on my private computers I’m using various Linux distributions and desktops since many years. Now it’s (again) manjaro KDE, unstable branch. Have a nice day, keep smiling and be nice to each other.

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I have been using Linux for 25 years. most of it with .rpm based distros. the last one used the .rpm format but managed them with the debian or ubuntu installer. the base core software was the mandrake/mandriva software.

please cut me some slack when i ask questions that might not be exactly right. this distro is very sweet but very different from what i am used to and things are not setup as i am used to. still trying to figure out basic things just to get it setup and running.

thank you manjaro team.

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PCLinuxOS, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I still monitor their forum, and occasionally offer some help there. :wink:)

awesome that you knew exactly which one i was talking about. would you mind telling me the differences between that one and this one?

that was all i used for 23 years. i am trying figure out where everything that i am used to might be or learn what is different.

i got pamac figured out it is easy.