Welcome and introduce yourself - 2022

Been a Linux user for a number of years. Started with Mint to get my feet wet, then migrated to Fedora, then Fedora KDE, then finally to Manjaro KDE where I seem to have found my sweet spot. Love the distro.

I’m not an expert by any means here, but feel fairly comfortable with the basics in the environment. I’ll be a taker more than a giver here, but look forward to using the brain trust here to answer questions and problems that arise.

Gad to be here!

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Hello everybody,

I started using Linux when the only way to install it was getting a CD. I started again using Linux on my computer about 4 years ago, with Hyper-V and Ubuntu. Then, I passed to Virtualbox and to find the right distro I could use on a virtual machine.

I tried Manjaro Xfce for the first time about two years ago, but I had problems with Virtualbox, so i passed to another distro, and another distro again.
Now, I am back on Manjaro Xfce, which is installed on my laptop, on VirtualBox (from which I am posting this). Soon, I will install it on my desktop computer, dual boot with Windows 10. (I should say I reinstall it, since I already installed Manjaro, but with Gnome instead of Xfce.)


Hello! Just installed Manjaro Xfce on my laptop. Switched from Ubuntu. So far so good :slight_smile:


I should say I reinstall it, since I already installed Manjaro, but with Gnome instead of Xfce.

You don’t need to reinstall the whole system for this, just uninstall Gnome and put xfce instead.


I also installed some packages just to check out some applications. I reinstall it just to avoid to remove all those applications too. :sweat_smile: :joy:

Hi everyone! My name’s Francesco and I just joined the forum. I come from macOS and Debian (Bullseye); I’ve been using Manjaro since a couple of months and I’d like to join the community to better understand this Linux distro.


Not new to Linux but a Linux Noob. Over the years went from Slackware, Redhat when it was actually free and called Redhat and came with a giant book ;-), Debian and now Manjaro. Came to Manjaro basically by way of KDE. Haven’t like what GNOME became. So decided to take a look at what KDE has become since last I looked at it was circa 2003 maybe. My career I use Windows, but always playing with Linux here and there. Anyway, here I am hello all.


I’m back after a long sojourn to Windows and Apple OS. Currently running two BMAX M-3 Plus computers on one Monitor at a time, the other is Windows 11. Nice to be “Home.”

Hello, my name is Anthony alias nouzaku, living in the north of France. Not so new to Linux, Manjaro is exactly what I’m looking for: simple and up to date. Looking forward to seeing you again on this forum!

Hello there!
I’m Gabiele. Long time linux user, into software development, looking to switch to Manjaro. Started years ago from Ubuntu, then fell in love with FOSS.

Hey everyone, New to Manjaro, Started on Debian in 2011 then hopped around various Ubuntu flavors since. Used Manjaro in a VM and loved it so decided to make it my daily driver.

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Hey everyone, my name is Ikako, I’m new user of Manjaro linux, well actually this is the first time I’m using any linux distro, I don’t know why but I already love this. now lets talk a little bit about myself.

At the age of 26 I found out that the thing I wanna be doing for the rest of my life is coding, I was Senior Financial Analyst with no prior experience in programming (except for SQL which I’ve used in my field to increase my productivity in my past life) and I was NOT happy.

Recently I started learning python, javascript, html and css, I completed some courses and now i’m close to landing my first job as a fullstack dev. The reason I am interested in linux is that when I host my websites nearly every server is running on linux so I thought that I would acquaint myself with linux. As for why I chose Manjaro I have no earthly idea, I just like it.

Anyways, that’s me I’m happy to be a member of this community maybe in the future I’ll even contribute something in making this amazing distro even better.

my name is Arthur, I got into Manjaro by getting my gaming laptop delivered without Windows and wanting to join the weekly session with the new machine… got fixed on Manjaro pretty fast (while my previous experiences with OpenSuse and Ubuntu were not lasting ones), and despite problems I don’t want to move back to Windows.

As all the settings and solution I found so far did not fix the issues with my graphic card I registered to ask for help. Now it’s time to read on how to correctly provide the needed information from my system.


Hi there, good to join this forum,
I am interested in Manjaro for its features,
Want to try on boxes like F3 Air, K3 pro.

Hello! I just installed Manjaro last night! Right down I’m dual booting Manjaro with the 5.18 kernel alongside Kubuntu 22.04. I’ve been running Ubuntu and Linuxmint (but mostly Ubuntu) since about 2005, but now it’s time to try something new :grin:

There’s just a couple things that are confusing to me so far, but that’s to be expected with a new distro family (such as does the Add/Remove Software app sometimes compile programs from source from the AUR repo b/c it appeared to be doing that when I installed R Studio)

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Sometimes. When there’s the option, the -bin ia a precompiled binary that doesn’t need to be compiled on your system.

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Interesting. So if for whatever reason binary doesn’t work for me, I try source code if they’re both available.

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Hi, John/poiema here. Been dabbling in Linux and other OS’s since the late 90’s. From Win 95, Red Hat, Mandrake, Ubuntu 4.10, BeOS, MacOS, Pop! OS, Linux Mint, and now Manjaro Cinnamon. Recently moved from Linux Mint to Manjaro because I didn’t want to deal with System upgrades. Almost exactly the same to look at, with a nicer engine under the hood.


Hello from Chicago!

Hello fellow Manjaro users. I have used linux for a long while, but this is my first venture in the world of Arch. Still trying to figure everything out. Cheers!!!

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