Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

Hi all,

I just switched to Manjaro Linux a couple of weeks ago, and for the first time I plan to stick with it (I installed Linux a few times in the last many years, but never found it usable or even user friendly enough).

My main OS is still a Ryzentosh with Big Sur for office (that will stay for a while I guess), and Win 10 for gaming.
My plan is to virtualize the two OS’s with GPU passthrough (I have 3 AMD graphic cards in my system), so I’m trying the hard stuff right at first as a novice :wink:


Mainly pictorial - In the Katharsisdrill project mostly comics and illustration, but also a bit of film and music (the music is just for fun). You can see the project here: katharsisdrill.art

My main tool is Krita and Inkscape, but i also use Gimp, Blender, Natron, Kdenlive… yea, the list goes on :slight_smile:


Good stuff! I’m a music guy, so it’s Ardour/Jack/Audacity/various soft synths for me. Always good to find someone using Linux for creative purposes!


Cool. I love making music. but I seldom have the time to finish my sketches. I have used LMMS and Audacity. I just found this site: Libre Arts. It undergoes a reboot right now, but it seems to have ambitions to combine news and community for OS artists making 3d, photo, painting and sound.


Well as they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men…” I made my attempt to install Manjaro/KDE this past weekend to replace my Fedora33/KDE. I used Timeshift to backup my data, made a bootable USB and pulled the trigger. At first things seemed to go well, but ran into a few snags that due to time constraints forced me to reload Fedora. The main 2 issues I couldnt resolve were: 1)my Bluetooth wireless keyboard kept being lost on reboot. 2)I wasnt able to install WPS office, which is what I use to do my work. I worked on this all day sunday trying to resolve my issues, but my lack of experience and knowledge stopped me from reaching full usability in time for Monday Market opening. Also, reinstalling Fedora didn’t go to plan either as when I reloaded my data from timeshift the kernel was missing. I finally did get a complete usable reinstall and reloaded my critical data files by noon on Monday. Not what I was shooting for, but I will regroup. I’m gonna do a usable USB setup and workout my issues before I try to make it my actual system.


Hello manjaro!
I am a GNU-Linux enthusiastic and have been using only GNU-Linux distribution since more then 10 years. I recently bought a raspberry pi 4 and, even-though it is more then decent, i am not totally fan of the raspberry native OS as it does not support 64bits ARM architecture. After reading and digging around Manjaro seems to be a great alternative with support for 64bits architecture. Greetings to all community and see you in the forum!


Hi, guys!..

My real name is Nuno Torre from lovely Portugal, but I like to be known as “Pensamento Positivo” (and derivatives) on the web that literally means Positive Thinking in English. I like to be positive about everything else… Hey!.. How difficult that is sometimes… Let us to just try!.. Eventually it’ll be good!..

I’m a regular home Linux user not related to the IT business. Indeed I use my Linux machine mainly for entertainment!.. I started using Linux around 2009 with Ubuntu. Eventually Canonical’s always reinventing the wheel led me to choose Linux Mint around 2012-2013 till some 3 months ago… Then, lack of satisfactory performance on my ageing Asus K53U machine… Led me to distro hopping for quite a while… And finally I found Manjaro Cinnamon as a good compromise between satisfactory performance and my needed features on a modern platform!.. Congrats to the Manjaro Team!.. :slight_smile: Permit me in Portuguese to ‘enviar um abraço’ to the Portuguese member of your team! It’s always great to see a Portuguese involved on such a good project!..

Oh!.. And to not forget!.. I’m a low vision individual!.. I use full screen magnifier!.. Cinnamon is, as far as I can know the easiest DE to have this from the beginning, then not surprisingly my favorite one!..

Have a nice day!..


@Katharsisdrill That is a FANTASTIC site, thank you for sharing it! I’ll be spending some time there soon as “Fixing Big Linux Audio Issues” Is literally on their front page right now.

Good to meet you!

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Hey everyone, it’s really amazing to read everyone’s post, such a lovely community! Bit about myself
Real name is George, final fantasy fans will recognise where Dintch comes from… I live in Bristol, UK, ex-scouser, French originally, call that a mess :slight_smile: Always loved computers and dabbed into double-booting back in 2012, with Kubuntu and OpenSuse mainly, as we use Linux-based systems at work (sometimes). I’m very much attached to KDE, but kept hoping in and out, mainly because my cycling gear (understand garmin) didn’t sync well (at all) with Linux. And gaming too. Last year, similarly to others on here, I got fed up with having to wait weeks for updates, and that the fixed model supposedly designed to avoid bugs actually meant I was stuck with bugs for months with the only hope of a fix…in six months. So I tried a few distros, OpenSuse again, always coming back to Kubuntu. Then I discovered Manjaro and my wolrd changed! The team is doing an amazing job. Worked out of the box. Spotify: super fast (those on Kubuntu will know what I mean). Steam: works perfectly. Garmin: well, I went Polar and it syncs with the phone. Which means that, for the first time ever, I’ve done away with dual-booting. It’s pure Manjaro, I only have Gecko on the other drive in case things go pop.
Using Manjaro really helped me to re-kindle my desire to learn more about Linux and how to use it. Konsole is becoming my best friend, not to fix bugs, but to play around with things. And as someone who is a bugger for details, I hope I can help with testing (21.0 RC1 anyone :slight_smile: ). So I will ask a lot of silly questions, but I also hope I can help. Because so many people have helped me by taking the time to post on forums and to answer questions that I now want to give back to the community.
And on a final note, I just recently built my first rig, and want full AMD: I have to admit it solved a lot of small issues on the graphic front. Looking forward to getting involved!
PS: You’ll see very quickly that being concise isn’t one of my forte :joy:


It’s overrated anyway.

Been a Linux user since around 2000 off and on. Left windows on my personal computer in 2003 and went to the Mac OS. Like it, use the phone and mini-mac and Macbook Pro. Converted Wife to Mac. Lean on the whole Mac environment for reliability. Switched to Linux as strong secondary two years ago. Tried, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali, Debian, Fedora and others. Settled on MX Linux. All hobby level, however made MX Linus primary on multiple machines with Mac secondary in the last two months. Work is still Windows. Trying Manjaro on a spare machine. Bought the Pine Phone and trying the Manjaro Posh. We will see how it works out.

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I too am migrating from the MAC world. Hard to leave as I like the integration across multiple platforms so it will be a slow and maybe partial transition. Manjaro is an experiment with me. Linux has been main machine now for a few months. Enjoyed your sharing.

As long as its Apple…

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For now. Apple was a vision that attracted me. Current vision is blurry.

IMHO Apple is all 'bout show.


Sure, a thousand words is worth a picture - and that’s less bandwidth :))

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I personally found that the integration within the “LInux kernel” world is actually better than with Windows. I know you are within the Mac ecosystem (which seems to be the gold standard of integration), but KDE connect/Manjaro is pretty amazing in terms of integration. Give it some time :slight_smile:

I disagree.

They don’t integrate well, or at all, if it’s not between their own stuff.


There’s a problem here. Apple products all integrate with each other automagically.

At a pinch, you can make them work somewhat with Windows using itunes to synchronise wirelessly, but with Linux you’re a little more out in the cold. This is a huge part of buying into the ecosystem, paying over the top for your hardware.

I’m not convinced that Apple will ever allow integraton with unoffial apps… You should have an ipad, phone, watch, plus Mac OS computer to enjoy integration across devices (not platforms).


Yeah. Just watch, some time they’ll bring out the iBrew. a Coffee machine you can control from your iDevice.