Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

I have been using Linux, mostly deb based, for over 10 years. I am not a coder but a Programme Delivery Manager/PM however due to my support for open source not only i am a full time Linux user I have converted many over the years. There is no dual booting involved.
Tried Manjaro last year due to a need for a later kernel on a new Ryzen laptop and stayed. That says it all.
Would love to contribute to the project as a seasoned user whose suggestions on Usability have helped many move over to the Linux landscape in whatever humble ways I can. :slight_smile:


Hi there. I’m an amateur Linux user who made the mistake of installing Arch. Now I have a laptop that won’t go online.

I left Windows because it eats up too much RAM, especially on my 10-year-old machine. Now I’m looking for a user-friendly system to do what I set out to do: write and make video games.


This is not really the correct place to ask for support and certainly not for asking which Distro you should be using because we’re all fans of the best Distro out there: Manjaro!


However, if you’re new to Linux itself, this will help you decide for yourself if Manjaro is the right choice for you:



Hello, I am currently hopefully transitioning to Linux for good. I had tried with Ubuntu couple of years ago but I fragged my installation unrecoverably and went back to Win7. Still on Win7 I thought I’d give Linux gaming a try since the only game I play should run well on Linux, and I actually got it to run well after some tweaking. After the usual hell with dual monitor and mouse settings I feel comfortable. I just hope I dont write a wrong value into some config file and end it again.


I just installed Manjaro. I have been using Linux since I migrated away from Win-98.
So far I have most of what I need going.
I made the scroll bars wide enough to see.
I have the gcc stuff installed but not yet used
Octave appears to work.
Things I need under wine are working

I will be needing to get SAMBA that works. I see in some reports that the current version is troublesome.
I am putting off that topic for later.

BTW: The fake name is for a reason. You can call me “Moose” if you like.
Just don’t call me late for dinner.


Hi! So I have used various distros over the course of the last 10 years. I picked up on Manjaro back in 2013 while it was still relatively new and loved it right out of the box. Big fan of functionality from the drop so Manjaro has always been a solid go to. As of recent I was using Windows but grew tired of the invasive nature of the OS and thus decided it was time to come back to the more enjoyable side of computing. I’m an IT nerd by trade (network engineer) with a little bit of scripting experience but nothing serious. I’m usually able to figure things out- but at the cost of lots of reading.

Glad to be back!


Regular Linux user, my only OS more than 10 years, Ubuntu, mainly Mint, now Manjaro

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone. I am Bagus, from Indonesia. Manjaro has been my best experience in using Linux and I have no intention to switch to other distros. Manjaro is just so beautiful.


Hello, I’m Abdulrasheed from Nigeria. I started using Linux in 2020 with Ubuntu dual booting with windows 10. But last week my hard drive get spoilt so after getting a new one. I decided to back off from windows and now I’m using Manjaro with the KDE edition :tada: .


Hi there! Had been longtime user of openSUSE (about 10y ago), than osx, and for the last 3 years had xubuntu as daily driver, since the beginning of 2021 I have been using majnaro, and enjoing very much the experience. I am software developer, and hope eventually I might be able to contribute to this project by eventually reporting issues, helping debug them or assisting members of the community if I can. Keep up the great work :smiley:


Hello, Martin from Argentina.
I started learning to code about a year ago (python). And its been like I fell down the rabbit hole since then.
Now I’m a data scientist wannabe, and I used ubuntu for a couple months with dual boot with Windows. Then a friend reccomended Manjaro to me and now its my full time OS. Super happy so far! learning a lot!


Hi guys! I’m so glad to join your community. After switching from one distro to another, I’ve finally landed on Manjaro and I’m so happy with my choice. Keep up the great work!


Just noticed this thread!

I am Greek, living in Ireland with my family. Got my 1st computer, a ZX Spectrum 48K, back in the 80’s. At the beginning I was playing games, but started to learn Z80 Assembly cause I wanted to cheat and bypass some very hard ones! :upside_down_face:

Later on, an IBM PC with 2 5.25" floppy drives came into the picture and the rest is history…

Being a Software Engineer in MS Universe since mid 90’s, I always kept my options open for Linux, trying many, mostly in dual boot, or later, in VMs.

Windows 10 was the reason I decided to remove them, and not only cause all of the leaking personal information, but daily issues, especially with updates. I tried few distros, but ended up with Manjaro KDE for two main reasons:

  1. Fully customizable to my needs and likes
  2. AUR. It is amazing feature to be able to find certain apps, without much hassle

Now it is my main OS, not looking to other options and have 2 W10 VMs, one for games that don’t run under Proton (mostly online multiplayer) and for work, since I am still a MS software engineer.

A big thank you to this community for making my leap easier, although the learning curve was a bit hard.


Hello everyone,

I am Jacek and I am from Poland, I work as a junior quality engineer in a consumer electronics company.

The first time I was introduced to Ubuntu 9, I started using version 10 because of my studies, then it was a mix of windows, OSX, Linux. For about a year now I have loved using Manjaro on my old laptop (I only have these).

I wish you a nice day and a lot of health :)


Hello everyone!

I am Rachit from India and I’m a high school student. I’m also a hobbyist programmer and terminal enthusiast, which is part of the reason why I switched to Linux.

Windows was very limiting as an operating system and I think switching to Manjaro is the best decision I’ve made in a while!

I aim to be more active in the community and learn more about the core of Linux kernel.

I wish all of you a nice day!


Greetings everybody!

I’ve used Manjaro off and on for the past few years and decided it’s time to join the forum.

One reason I was drawn back to Manjaro (from Fedora) is because of how easy it was to install proprietary drivers on my first (and possibly last) laptop with hybrid graphics. With that and GPU switching out of the way, my second order of business is to get as comfortable with pacman as I am with yum/dnf. Another reason I regard Manjaro highly is for its excellent documentation combined with Arch docs which I think are some of the best.

Professionally I was a Windows NT network admin at one time which gives away my age. I’m old enough to recall configuring routers with dip switches. But the last thing I want to do is sound off about how old farts did stuff “back in the day”.

Most of my Linux knowledge comes from LAMP servers during the past 17-18 years. I’ve been using Linux on desktops and laptops for the last seven of those years. I’m no expert by any stretch and I’m fine with knowing I’ll always be a beginner. Once in a while, however, I may understand an issue enough to be helpful.

Congrats on Manjaro’s first 10 years and cheers to another 10!


Howdy from Texas!!!

Hello My name is Roy im new to linux i really like the system manjaro but im not use to linux i was hoping to lean how to command the terminal and eventually lean to develop i get into building circuit boards also that im also a beginner in and would love to learn but i was wondering if you or someone on here can point me into the right direction so i may learn what im hoping too


Hi all.
I’ve been using Manjaro for over a month, but new to the forum. Just glad to be in this amazing community! Have a good day everyone!!


This has been posted a few times in this category already and is worth your time: