Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

Just living my little life and not willing to deal with windows 24/7.
I play lots of games! :slight_smile:
Now, if only computers could make your a cup of tea…

Hello all. Somehow my account here disappeared under the same email, so I’m back from scratch under a different username I guess.

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Thanks. I didn’t realize that happened. It would be nice if somehow previous members could create threads without having to go through again the tiered privilege system, but I guess you guys probably don’t have a means for knowing who had been previous members here. I was trying to create a thread about not being able to update today due to a complaint about breaking pulseaudio dependencies, but I guess I can’t create threads yet.

Was this an issue with Discourse?

Discourse backups if I remember.

Do a forum search and look to the newest announcements threads. I’m not concerned but I did see other already created threads about pulseaudio issues.

Hey there everyone. I’ve been doing this since the days of 300 baud modems. I started out programming in 6502 assembly. I moved over to Linux in the 90’s. I think Slackware version 4 was my first linux.

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Good morning everyone, zothem here, and i’m happy to be here.

I’ve been using Linux on and off now for 23 years, first with redhat, then to ubuntu but now have made a decision to move full time across. Trying to get my kids involved but ofcourse they can’t leave windows due to “gaming”. So far i really like manjaro… this is my new home.

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Hey Peeps.

I’m a newbie as far as coming into, not just Manjaro KDE, but to Linux as well. I wanted to free myself from the macOS pocket. I love being on that since I got my first one in the 90’s.

I got a new System 76 computer, which was great, but I was starting to wonder if I made the right move using Pop OS. Which, BTW, I will say is still a good Distro.

But I often lost audio; I couldn’t get certain extensions to work; and I kept having problems with my vpn.

So I tried a few distros, and then Manjaro seemed like a good one to try. It’s perfect. It’s a good place to go to if you haven’t really given yourself time to learn commands, and so far, It’ doesn’t demand much.

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Hello everyone.
My English is very bad so I use it to translate program.
Now I am not a Linux Guru but have been one for a long time linux user.
Started in 2000 with Mandrake later Mandriva and tested everything in between.
Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and now the last weeks PClinuxOS and now Manjaro.
I am a pa3i radio amateur and now use both of these linux for this driving my tranceiver etc.
Now I have to say that this runs fine on both PClinuxOS and Manjaro KDE as well.
I chose this one because this is a rolling system.
Besides, I am not the youngest anymore, but we will stay as long as possible engaged in this hobby.
Thanks in advance for any help if I have anything to ask.
Usually it is possible to solve it yourself, but not always.
Vr. Gr.


I’m new to Manjaro. I’ve been using Linux at home since the 90s, and thought I’d try something new.

I’m running on a Dell Inspiron 5559 with the i7 Skylake chipset suite.

My goal today is to get back to work at a real job and get my Dell D6000 dock to talk to Manjaro, so far no joy! The evdi installed but the displaylink driver has some weird issue with the zip file pulled off of github.

==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    displaylink-driver- ... FAILED
    udev.sh ... Passed
    99-displaylink.rules ... Passed
    displaylink.service ... Passed
    displaylink-sleep.sh ... Passed
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!
Error: Failed to build displaylink

In case you’re wondering, I do GIS for work. I love geography!


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Linux dabbler for 10 years or so, I recently installed Manjaro on an old Samsung laptop and it works well. Thanks !


Eventually! Another of my people!
At least that’s not afraid to admit it!!!

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I am Sebastian, I join the community today, I use Manjaro for a long time, and only recently did I give myself a push to participate more in life, here I am, my principles would be computer science for all and therefore loyalty.
I really like games especially Tycoons, I have tried 14 distros mostly based on Ubuntu, I have been longer with Apt than Pacman and I find it difficult to remember that it is Pacman -syu and not apt update.
I’ll be in your care.

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Incorrect strings have been detected. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Other languages can be found #languages

Having been around computers since it was all text based and the library was the only way to log in and then ran a bbs for years I’m old but still learning. Love the OS and support given here.

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So old you couldn’t be bothered with punctuation any more? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Whats that :smile:

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Figured as much. :wink:

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Can’t hurt my feelings as I have non left

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Were you a support technician? Or perhaps a Systems Administrator?

Or are?

Or any position dealing with people, really?