Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

hello everyone, very new linux user, old soul trying to learn linux and how to be self reliant in maintaining an OS. Sorry ahead of time if I don’t go about things correctly. I do commit however to try and research thoroughly before just posting my issues, and will give my best attempt to provide all data to not waste anyones time as I understand it’s value.



Hello everyone,

I bring another new member to the forum.
I’m from Germany and a student (Mathematics now and Computer Sciences later).

I’m using Linux for just 4 years now(since 2016). At first it was Fedora and in 2018 I switched to Manjaro. Haven’t regretted that move since.

It is a true joy working with Manjaro(and getting in touch with Arch a bit more every year). Especially because both communities provide such great resources to learn more and more about Linux.

I am still new to Linux (and I would have never dared touch a command line before 2015), so I won’t be a big help at first(though I am always happy if I can help someone). Until then I’ll stick to asking and just strolling in the forums to hopefully pick up a few things.

Hope we’ll have a great time together XD


Hi there! Long-time member of the Arch world, since about 2011 after a switch from Mint. It was the rolling-releases that drew me in, and I remember being mad that I couldn’t get the latest release of Python on Mint. I managed a Manjaro system specifically on a student lounge computer when I was a member of my university’s CS student society, and many other students followed suit with their own machines.

I’m also the author of the Aura Package Manager and am currently porting it to Rust.

Nice to meet you all!


Hello! new member of Manjaro here! ( i apologize for some of my probable grammar mistakes, english isn’t my first language ^^)

i installed this distro just a month ago and im already loving it!
I have some experience with linux based distros like mint and ubuntu, i still have a lot to learn for arch based distros though and that’s why im here!
I’ll do my best to give as many accurate details as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

Hope you guys have a great day!


Hi All!

I’ve been a very bad boy! I didn’t spend time reading everyone’s introductions. :sweat_smile:
Well, if that makes me the only one, so be it. However, I don’t think I am. I DO think I’m the only one to admit it though.

I hail from South Africa. Yep I checked and it looks like I’m the only South African to have introduced myself.

I love Linux! Have always done! Been using various distributions for about ~15+ years now. Finally came across Manjaro last year. Installed it. Removed Windows partition. Didn’t look back. Still love it. Can honestly not say I know, or even just understand, why people stick to Windows any more. I suspect it’s the RC factor.

I use and love Ubuntu (the LTS versions) for anything server related. Came from Ubuntu desktop to Manjaro, and, oh my, what an absolute joy it’s been!

I love the fact that installation (and using it) is so simple. And yet, the whole system is so powerful! I used Gentoo for a while (Oh boy! That kernel compile took its sweet time, too. And it took forever to download on Dial-Up…)

So, I knew the customization power was there, I just didn’t like or want to go through that again. But it was already months and years ahead in package management. I didn’t have the dependency hell that Linux was known for. Which I couldn’t be bothered with.

So I went back to windows (again.) I ended up as a systems administrator, where I inherited absolute chaos. Left in chaos, too. Albeit less chaos than I inherited. Converted all the servers to Ubuntu Server, some from Mandriva, some from Windows Server.) but stayed on my Windows workstation.

After that I worked as a Web Developer but I kept my Windows desktop. My knowledge of Linux made me very popular with our sister company’s administrator.

Lately, life has thrown me all kinds of curve balls and I am unable to work as previously. But, despite now being wheelchair bound, I still advocate for Linux.

Last year, I decided to move to Ubuntu, mostly because, IIRC, Windows licensing fees. About a month later, I came across Manjaro, and started digging more. I liked what I saw, so decided to give it a go!

Man! Am I glad I did! This has been nothing short of an absolutely wonderful, breathtaking, awesome experience!

I’m hoping I can give, at least, something back to the community in general and the developers specifically for the awesomeness that is Manjaro!

So, hi all! It’s me from South Africa!!


Hi everyone, I’m from Argentina and have been using Manjaro for a month now after half a year with Linux Mint and before that Ubuntu and Fedora.
All in an old laptop i haven’t used in years and it’s working amazing!
So yeah hello to all!


Hi everyone I am from Darwin Australia ,my wife and my parents and i are grey no madding around Australia living the dream in a tent and caravan as we say here in the lucky country lol Ive been using Manjaro for 3 weeks now after tinkering with linux mint a few years ago.And looking for an alternative to windblows it was time to take the leap .I love this O.S i am slowly learning how to use it with help from the Gurus on this forum.I have even converted my 80 year old dad to Manjaro lol feel free to follow our journey on facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100034654624645


Hello! My name is Asdrubal and I’m new to Manjaro although I’m not new to Linux since I have been using it since at least ten years ago!

I’m from Venezuela, but right now living in Argentina :slight_smile: Looking forward to contribute to this community


Hello there.

I’m another mexican trying free software and a linux user since 2010, using several distributions, but falling in love in rolling release systems since 2014 with arch, and archbang I’ve been using Manjaro in the Openbox flavor during a couple months, pretty satisfied with performance and support, hope this distribution shall fill my expectations


Hello there.
I’m a french Manjaro linux user for several years and I’m quite impressed by the performance of this OS even on machines with minimal hardware specifications.
I’m trying on my spare time to manage several PCs on my personal local network equipped with either Linux or Windows… or both. My goal is to get rid of a more and more intrusive and widespread OS as much as possible.


Hello folks!

My name is Stephan and I started using Linux during my school time in 2005. First I was using Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora and since 2018. Until now i was switching steadly between Fedora, OpenSuse and Manjaro.

I need to say, that i like working with Manjaro and especially the AUR repositories are quiet nice and because of my limited off time I am affraid of starting with ARCH linux :smiley:

Professionally I am working as a PL/SQL developer and sometimes I am also a C++ issue solver :smiley:

Last but not least, thanks for the hard work by developing this distribution and I am happy to be here.

Thanks for reading and cheers :slight_smile:


Hello all,
I am newly arrived Manjaro user straight from Debian. I’ve been in and out of Linux since I first come across Debian Woody CD in college, I spent days trying to boot it and make it work in my PC. Having achieved xFree86 display with missing CDs, no packages to download from and no Internet was something back then. :sweat_smile:

I’ve become fascinated in open and free source software and that’s how my journey started. :blush: My best highlights and experiences with FOSS was meeting Richard Stallman one of the conferences, thanks to him we have GNU Project, Free Software Foundation, GCC, GPL and many other things :blush: My second and arguably most important interaction with FOSS was getting involved in Bitcoin in early 2011, need I say more :star_struck:

Recently been running Debian Buster on all my machines, server, desktop, laptop and Raspberry Pis. Now I’ve switched my laptop and desktop to Manjaro, they are unbeatably polished for desktop experience, with everything working out of the box. Happy to be here.:pray::blush:


Greetings from California!

New to Manjaro, but I have been using Linux for about 20 years now. Started off with Mandrake and installing from 3.5 inch floppies. Stayed with them through the name change to Mandria until things started to get iffy.

Distro hopped for a while until I found the “hot new distro” Ubuntu. When they started messing with the desktop I moved on to Mint. I’ve been on Mint the most because it just worked.

Job changed and I found myself on the road more than at home and stuck with a Win laptop for work.

I started to get the Linux itch again while home during the covid lockdowns and started watching vids on LBRY. Manjaro caught my eye in a video by OldTechBloke, so I put it in a VM. My current personal laptop has USB-C but, a small internal drive. So I got a USB-C drive and installed Manjaro on that. Needless to say I got hooked. :grinning:


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Hi everyone!
I’m new in the forum. But I love Manjaro since my first time with this OS, I think it was about 5 or 6 years before!
I love Linux, as a simple user, I don’t know anything about coding, but love to work on the issues as they come when I’m investigating/practicing with my PC. And I think there is not a better place to be as I try to learn a bit everyday about Linux and Manjaro
I use Manjaro KDE on my Raspberry Pi 4, and works so fantastic by now…and I use Manjaro-kde on my old IntelCore2Duo, and it’s simply a beauty!
Thanks for all your work! I really appreciate it! And I hope [though I’ve no much time (I work in Public Health as a Dentist) to spend on my pc/raspy] that I’d can learn, step by step, and collaborate with the community.
By the way, I’m 48 years old, and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Hey there!

I’ve been using Linux about 2 years now. I started when I got the ol blue screen from Win 7, no way you’re going to catch this gal on Win 10! I’d give up computing before I run that trash on my PC. I started on Mint, but with my hefty gaming habits, learned about Manjaro. I know nothing of coding, though am getting comfortable with terminal usage. I’ll tell you that I absolutely love Linux and all the capabilities, it’s certainly a learning curve, but I’m sure as time goes by, this community will teach me to be proficient!

I’m open to any tips and tricks to oil up my machine for flawless computing. I’m currently running many of the popular gaming packages Wine, Lutris, PlayOnLinux and if course Steam with Proton. If there’s anything you could recommend, drop me a message!

Branch: Stable

Desktop Environment: XCFE

CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz

GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming 6GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

GPU Driver: nouveau NV136

Kernel: 5.9.10-1-MANJARO

33 in Florida helping people save for retirement!

Gemini :gemini:


Hello to all. I am brand new to ManjaroXFCE, but have been using Mint-MATE for past 12 years, plus “playing around” with many different “Puppies and Dogs”. I have a number of computers, but am running Manjaro iso from a flash drive using Pentoy. I’ll try to get any info I may require from reading in the forum, in lieu of posting a query. And, if I can possibly offer up any assistance, on a general Linux post, I will try.

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I am an old user of Linux for 20+ years, and have witnessed the development from a niche system to a world-class OS, with many flavors!

Manjaro KDE is my first venture away from Ubuntu-derived distros. I am looking forward to learning and seeing what it can do.

Thanks to the developers for the hard work that you have put into Manjaro. It shows very well!