Welcome and introduce yourself - 2020

Hello everyone :partying_face:

I’m new on the forum, but not on the Manjaro. I’m from Poland and use Linux from 2011 firstly Ubuntu, then Kubuntu. In 2016, I bought new laptop and started searching new distro, because *buntu not worked well. So I discovered Manjaro, which worked best and I have stayed with it until now. I like to help other and I contribute in my native language on the Polish Manjaro Forum. I’ll be happy if I can help someone here :smiley:

Welcome again Manjaro folks and introduce yourself :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi folks,

I have been using Manjaro for the last 7 or 8 years and haven been lurking on the forums almost daily, though rarely finding I had anything meaningful to add to the conversation. I tried to help a few people here and there.

About the new forum, third time’s a charm, so I hope this new one will last. I do like the new look, although I will switch to the dark version ones that’s available.

I wonder how many of the Manjaro veterans will join us here.


Wow so now I can be on the very first page of the “introduce yourself” thread. I’m probably more excited about this than it really warrants, but at a certain point in life one realizes the thrills might as well be milked for all they are worth because they aren’t nearly as frequent as they used to be.

I live in Seattle WA in the not-particulary-United-at-the-moment States, awaiting November with fear and loathing. In the meantime: I have been running the Openbox community edition of Manjaro for almost two years, after trying to put up with Debian-based distros for multimedia creation for a year or so. AVLinux is not bad for what it is, but I gave up and headed Arch-ward when it became clear that I would have to compile Audacity myself to get a usable version.

Learn Arch or compile Audacity? The choice was obvious, yes? But first I downloaded ArchBang because my favorite Debian distro many years ago was crunchbang and I had fallen in love with Openbox. I figured I should see if I liked the Arch environment before committing to it.

I did like it. And the very first update borked everything. There was a time in my life when I would have been happy chrooting in and fixing things every few days, but I am getting older and time’s a-wasting much more quickly than it used to. I needed an Arch go-between that was a little more robustly structured than most of the styled and packaged Arch-based distros out there.

And here it was! More than a year and a half later, and for the first time since installing CentOS twenty years ago so I could think about setting up a webserver in my bedroom (I thought better of it especially after my ISP could not give me the static IP it promised me), I have no urge to go in search of a “better” distro. Manjaro is precisely the Linux I need right now: I am a musician, poet, and artist trying to get some projects together before my fingers stop working; I can’t be wasting precious wrist flexibility editiing config files if there is a more direct way to keep my software up-to-date and my system running.

So here we are. Hi new Manjaro forum!


Hello. My name is Jay, and I am currently living in Seoul, South Korea with my family. I installed Manjaro in my old crummy laptop this morning, and it works like it’s completely new.

I have been using Linux for more than a year (used Ubuntu, Linux Mint, & MX Linux), and always wanted to try out Arch Linux or any Arch-based desktop, so that I can use the latest stable kernel anytime I want. Originally, I was about to install Arch Linux, only to realize how much risk I make throughout the process, so I decided to play safe and chose Manjaro. And the rest is history.


Hey I’m Glenn, living in South Wales. Used Linux for over 20 years, the last few using Manjaro…It’s my main OS, as Linux has been for the last decade or so. I’m a musician and a biker…and recently taken up streaming/content creation too. I was on the old forums as Schtufbox (or might have been Asharin I forget which one I used lol) , and used to post some of the music I made…Probably will do so again at some point.
MeanOldBoomer is me embracing the fact anyone over 30 or so in games seems to be called Boomers now…Even if I disagree…I’m not THAT old…I’m only 45 lol :smiley:
Anyway, Manjaro is definitely the finest distro in my opinion, it just works great.
Used Cinnamon for year, but recently switched to KDE for the first time since KDE 3 haha.


Hey all!
I’m from Portugal and I’m using Manjaro for almost 2 months.
I’m loving it and I think I’m free from Distro Hopping :sweat_smile:

Great Job, Manjaro Devs :heart:


Hey everyone,
I am using Manjaro since 2017, at the first time with the DE Cinnamon and I switched to XFCE because this DE perform better on my old Hardware (my Hardware Upgrade is in process).

My First times on Linux was with Ubuntu / Linux Mint.
Later a friend show me Arch Linux and I was very impressed.
By the way I used Manjaro before but I don’t went deep it to the system. (beginner at this time)

After I learned so much from Arch Linux, I’m so happy that Manjaro Linux exist :slight_smile:
There is an Architect ISO and you can set up what you want on the System. And I love the Package delivery you can choice how fast you get them and you can help out the Manjaro Devs :heart:

Situation Now:

System Adminstrator at a small Company, Setting up Docker Instances and Fix troubles on our Linux Servers (OpenVPN Access Server and other)
On freetime Setting up Servers with Arch Linux :smile:


Hi, i am a Portuguese living in Germany.
Used Linux Mint Cinammon for roughly 10 years as daily driver.
Felt the need for a change and since August 2020 i am using Manjaro KDE and loving it.
Happy to have the forum back! :slight_smile:


Hi all
I’m not new…

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…this is from the old (classic) forum.

Third time, hello new forum !


My account on the old forum was:
552 days visited, 1.1k posts and so on.

Time to next crash: 1.5 years in the future.

Maybe I use a different distro then.


Hi all. I’ve been around Manjaro for about 5 years. It’s the third Manjaro forum for me.


Hello, I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro because I want to try out current software.
And I heard that the community very good is.
English isn’t my native language.


Hi all.

Third Manjaro forum for me as well. New forum, new user icon, new dragon, more fun :wink:

I run Manjaro on a couple PCs and laptops for work, for gaming and actually for the whole family. I am mostly sticking to the Cinnamon desktop.


Hello again

well I am new here, I did already know a bit about Manjaro but on this forum I am new. just my 2nd forum, so not as used to it as those for whom its the 3rd already :wink:

I run Manjaro as my daily driver on a laptop that’s almost always with me and I am “testing”


Hello folks!

I am Zoltan from Hungary, I deal with teaching and system administration. I have been using Linux since the turn of the millennium. I started with Red Hat on a corporate gateway machine, followed by Suse. Then I used Debian for a long time, learning the basic and important commands using the terminal. Then I tested Ubuntu. This was followed by Linux Mint, which I still use with Debian to this day. I’ve always wanted to try Arch-based distro as well. I first heard about Manjaro five years ago, when the previous website and the classic forum still existed, and I’ve been actively using it on a daily basis for two years, in parallel with Antergos and then EndeavourOs. Even though it’s a rolling release distribution, most of what I can say about it is the stability that is otherwise typical of traditional release Linux distributions. I installed Manjaro two years ago, then I also registered on the forum, and I have been constantly updating since then without having to reinstall it at any time.That’s all I wanted to write.

Greetings to all old and new members!


I’m Melissa,
Ask around, I look like a butterfly…I am one, too…
Get to know me :slight_smile:
:rainbow: Melissa :rainbow:


I’m Mo. Have been using Manjaro as my main desktop OS since about 2018. I love reading through the forums either looking for solutions to problems I experience or just browsing to learn new tricks - I do miss the old forums with it’s humorous rants and rave, screenshots for the month, as well as music we all liked and that everyone shared - I do hope the team can eventually merge the old forum back in here someday. Anyway, I mostly just lurk and read stuff. Good to see a new one is up and running!


i am gary or zoner. I started using Manjaro in 2012. I have stopped using Manjaro twice before. My name and avatar has not changed. I have an open mind right now but I am watching what is going on.
Oh, right now it is 109 F degrees.


Hi, I’m Storm. Newbie when it comes to to Manjaro but long time eOS user. On the old Manjaro forum I used to post in the screenshots forum, which is somehow missing with the new board.



Hi, This is my third introduction on Manjaro forum, yes! I am prodigy and so elite user of Manjaro that I use Arch linux now :smiley: “I’ve evolved”

Hopefully this instance will last forever as I absolutelly hate those “You earned <random_achievment> badge” notifications.